Why Selling Your House Doesn’t Have To Be A Long and Tiresome Business

Parting with your home is a big deal. You’ve lived in your home for years and would have formed memories and pleasant associations with it and the wider community you lived in. Beyond the psychological stress of moving, the physical stress of accomplishing the actual sale often has homeowners tearing their hair out.

First, there’s getting a real estate agent, then there are repairs and renovations, and then the staging. Even with all this work, your home doesn’t always sell within the first 30 days and no sale during this window means your house is statistically likely to sell below its value.

This doesn’t have to be you. You can significantly reduce the time and effort put out on your part by getting a home buyer or real estate investor to take your home. Home buyers offer money for your house in its “as is” state. The advantages of this are obvious.

You Don’t Have To Spend Thousands Of Dollars On Repairs Or Renovations

When you put your home up for sale with an agent, one of the first things they’ll suggest are repairs that will make your home more marketable. Before you collect a cent off of the sale, you’re already out of pocket. The folks at SoCal Home Buyers explained that a home buyer will purchase your house regardless of the state it is in. This saves you money on repairs which is great news for you if you can’t afford the expense.

You Can Move Out And On Quickly

There are a number of reasons people may need to move out or on from a house quickly:

  • You inherited the home but already have one
  • You’ve experienced the death of a spouse and no longer want to live there
  • You are retiring and moving into a senior home
  • You are moving for a job
  • You are getting divorced

With a home buyer, you can have an assessment of your home and a cash offer in a very short period of time allowing you to meet whatever deadlines your situation demands.

You Can Have “All The Extras” Done For You

Who says selling to a home buyer has to be impersonal? While some home buyers are big companies, many are small and are either individuals or family concerns. This means you can have personalized attention given to certain details if you request it. For example, you can ask to have belongings that you leave behind donated to charity.

According to some reports, 21 percent of home buyers will also help you with some or all of your closing costs when you sell to them. This is an additional expense you don’t have to deal with.

You Can Bypass Concerns With Buyer’s Creditworthiness

In a traditional sale, your buyer is likely depending on a mortgage from a financial institution to close the deal. If they pass the credit checks, the sale can go through. But if not, you’re left with a home and no buyer.

A home buyer isn’t usually dependent on mortgages from a bank and is prepared to make a cash offer on your home. You cut down on the amount of time you spend waiting on the buyer’s bank to make a decision.

You Are Certain Your Home Will Sell Regardless Of The Circumstances

Let’s say your home is located in an undesirable neighborhood, most real estate agents will hesitate to take on such a sale. A home buyer doesn’t plan to live in the area and is buying the house with the intention of making an investment and turning a profit on it.

You Will Be Able To Sell Your Home If It Is In Foreclosure

This is another situation where real estate agents may be hesitant to help you sell. home buyers, on the other hand, have a wealth of experience dealing with the foreclosure process. They can help you navigate it and help you get the money you need to settle your debt quickly.

You’ll Be Able To Sell Your Home If You Have Tenants

Ordinarily, if you own property that is rented, having tenants can delay a more traditional sale. There may be difficulty getting them out and the attempt may result in costly litigation. You can circumvent this selling to a home buyer.

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A home buyer can have you paid and out of your home in as little as seven days. This is compared to the traditional period of 45 or even 90 days for a real estate agent sale. If you are considering selling your home, contacting a home buyer to find out whether they might be right for you is something you can certainly give some thought to.

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