How Organizations Are Streamlining Employment Screening Processes In Australia

Background checks are in high demand in Australia right now, since employers want to know the overall history of a potential employee, among others. A background check can also showcase any potential risks and help a business avoid legal trouble. With that in mind, Australian businesses are using a multitude of different background checks. 

What types of Criminal History Checks are common in Australia?

Right now, HR professionals are using some of the latest technologies to identify any issues with a potential hire. General background checks include university qualification, driving history, and employment history checks. Some businesses also require a national Police check. There are many websites like Australian National Character Check (ANCC) or Checked that might be able to help. 

Lastly, there’s also the option to do fingerprint checks. These are less common and you can only conduct them due to legal needs or if there are regulatory requirements. When that happens, the candidate is checked against an existing fingerprint database. Private security or highly sensitive jobs might require a fingerprint check, depending on the situation.

Why is it necessary to implement the latest technologies in the case of employment screening?

One of the main advantages is the wide reach. Thanks to the use of tech, you can have a much wider reach, while also receiving accuracy and versatility. It’s a powerful solution that helps your business narrow down any issues with the current candidate. Also, you can receive results a lot faster. Tech can be used to access results within less than a day, which is much faster than any manual search. 

In addition, your business is setting a great cultural example. Plus, if an employee receives police clearance, you know he can be trusted and he didn’t lie during his application. Unfortunately, there are many people that lie within their application, and that becomes a major issue. 

When should you do a background check for potential employees?

Ideally, you want to narrow down the best options and then you can start doing a criminal history check for each one of them. It’s a very good idea because you can easily start removing people from their list based on their background. Of course, each industry has its own suitability requirements, so you have to create a list with the things you want to learn from the police check/background check. This way you can easily figure out whether those persons are a good pick for you or not.

In the end, doing a criminal history check or even a general background check can be extremely helpful. Not only do you get to figure out whether your applicants are a good pick for your business, but you’re also learning a lot about them and their track record, background, and so on. There’s a reason why employment screening is very popular right now, because not only is it efficient, it can also showcase a variety of interesting things regarding your new hires. This is why we recommend doing a background check on your potential employees right away, as it can unravel a lot of stuff about those persons!


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