The Strategy For Attracting The Best Talent To Your Company

Gone are the days when recruiting was all about posting an ad on job boards and straightaway interviewing the right candidate. Today, the 2022 post-pandemic job market is very different, where candidates expect much more from employers than ever before. As per a report by CNBC, over 55% of the workforce in the US alone is looking to switch jobs post the pandemic, marking it as ‘The Great Resignation’!

In challenging times like this, how can an organization recruit & retain the top talent? The article will discuss five proven and creative ways to attract the best talent in the marketplace. Human Resource professionals can leverage these tips to up their recruitment game, attract potential hires & lessen staff turnover.

  1. Foster a Positive Online Reputation:

There is no denying that an organization is as firm as the talent it employs. Strengthening your online reputation is one of the most important and primary steps in attracting a high-performing pool of candidates. Today, candidates seek companies that not only respect the employees but also provide an environment full of collaboration & work satisfaction.

Brands can leverage the concepts of employee value proposition and may consider turning their staff into true ambassadors. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook are perfect platforms to highlight new hires’ testimonials & employee interviews. Companies should use this space to project their unique value proposition and why people should work with them.

  1. Embrace Flexible Working Practises:

Flexibility has emerged as a trending aspect in today’s intrapreneurial age. The pandemic has shown that flexibility is the new currency for retaining talent and attracting new hires. In the pre-covid era, the majority of companies around the world were skeptical of the idea of Work From Home (WFH). Well, we all saw how it all panned out!

According to a study by FindStack, around 20% of the full-time workforce is now working remotely! Employers who want to retain the best people in the new normal have been putting flexible working benefits at the core of their acquisition practices. Therefore, allowing employees to have a bigger say over where they want to work can be a game-changer for businesses.

  1. Start an Employee Referral Program:

Another secret and effective weapon to attract top talent is initiating a dedicated employee referral program. Employers can get their hands on some of the best candidates in their employee’s network. A referral program can get you better quality hires, lower hiring costs & seamless and fast onboarding. 

The referral program lets your current employees bring aboard like-minded individuals that are best suited for the job. As an incentive, employers can reward the employees who successfully refer with cash, coupons, or vacation time and never miss out on potential candidates. Hence, a referral program is the best way to save recruiting dollars while ensuring faster hiring.

  1. Deliver An Interactive Candidate Journey:

Just like an investor does a fair amount of research before investing in a commodity, candidates today perform a similar amount of research before they decide to apply to your company. Understanding the candidate’s journey is important for employers to acquire the best talents and improve the candidate experience.

The candidate journey begins even before a candidate starts looking for a job and stays even after you’ve hired them. From grabbing the attention of potential candidates, getting them excited to work with your brand, and eventually motivating them to apply, the candidate journey can be highlighted with the following touch-points: Awareness, Consideration, Interest, Application, Selection, Hire & Onboarding.

  1. Offer Continuous Learning:

The biggest reason your employees look for another job is that they feel their career advancement isn’t going as anticipated. A report by Harvard Business Review provides evidence about the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re compensating your employees well. If they feel there is no room to grow, they will most likely leave. 

Making educational and career advancement opportunities available to employees can be a game-changer for your company. Companies can invest in or partner with learning platforms that ensure around-the-clock knowledge advancement of the employees. Thus, your employees can not only expand their skill set but also prepare themselves for technology shifts. It is only then companies can provide employees a sense of satisfaction and more reasons to stay for the long haul.

Wrapping It Up:

In such a competitive marketplace where every wrong move implies losing potential resources to your competitors, these strategies can help you attract and retain the best talent. A little positive PR, flexible business practices & employee-friendly policies can go a long way!

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