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Starting a New Business? Here is Some Tech You Should Consider Buying For It

In today’s technologically powered world, businesses are able to work more efficiently than ever before. New and exciting ways to grow your business are constantly appearing. Don’t be left in the past with slow and outdated gear. Give your business an edge with the right tech: 

Surf in style 

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when starting a new business is your internet speed; a slow connection can lead to simple tasks such as sending an email or uploading a file taking much longer than they should, slowing down your entire operation. 

‘In this modern era, the survival of any business is impossible without the internet’, says CBN . With this in mind, when searching for premises for your business, make sure that they have the fastest internet connection possible. 

If an office space already has an internet connection, find out who the internet provider is and the kind of connection speeds they allow. Ideally, you’ll want a provider that offers fast and reliable fiber-optic broadband. If you have larger premises, it might also be an idea to install wi-fi extenders throughout the building, to ensure all staff has a fast and reliable internet connection. 

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Think about your hardware

Speed should also be one of your primary considerations when purchasing office computers. It might seem more convenient to go with a cheaper, older tech, but by doing so you run the risk of the machine taking longer to carry out tasks and hardware failure. Older machines are also less likely to be compatible with newer software which could be vital in supporting innovation. 

Investing in a higher spec gives faster processing,  reliable hardware, and more flexibility. You might want to consider machines that feature options like Solid State Drives (Or SSDs) ‘You won’t believe how fast your load times become’ says emedia hub’.

Another device that shouldn’t be overlooked is the phone. We all carry them but a work phone that supports access to emails, video conferencing, office intranet, and expense claims will boost staff satisfaction and productivity.

Ultimately, your tech needs to match, and to some extent, future proof of the needs of your business as processing requirements will increase as new software emerges.

Look the part with wearable tech

From health to efficiency, wearable tech can help to improve both the standards and the morale of your workplace. According to research carried out by Delloite, wearable tech can be a boost to both productivity and safety. By investing in technology such as a smart-watch or smart glasses, you are enabling employees to access important information whilst on the move, without constantly having to refer to their PC. Wearable technology also allows employees to keep track of their fitness, improving physical and mental health, and maintaining office morale. 

Get a good printer  

With so much of our communication and outreach now carried out online, it can be easy to forget that printed materials are still a crucial asset in your company’s marketing arsenal. Whether printing flyers, brochures, leaflets, or letters, it’s important that you invest in tech that can not only perform quickly but will provide a high-quality print that will make your marketing materials look professional. A great option is Duplo International, which offers a large range of printing solutions at a high standard.

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