The Patent Proposes: Apple Smartwatch With A Fingerprint Sensor

The patent proposes that the Apple Watch is about to have a fingerprint sensor in it. Apple released its Apple watch in 2015; since then, they are trying to add more and more features to it. The aim of Apple is that users should also buy a complimentary apple device.

According to the reports, the Cupertino company has received a patent that proposes the manufacturing of a device similar to a smartwatch, except that it has a fingerprint sensor in it.

Apple has been working on adding new features to the Apple smartwatch. It has added a fitness-tracking feature, passcode protection, fall detection, emergency SOS and much more. It is adding all those features to the smartwatch, which will attract users to buy it as soon as possible. And now, the biometric verification feature makes it more secure and worth buying.

Apple Smartwatch With A Fingerprint Sensor
Apple Smartwatch With A Fingerprint Sensor

Apple filed and got a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which includes an Apple watch with a fingerprint sensor. The patent files also have some additional design pictures, which represent the watch design. According to the pictures, Apple plans to add a physical button under the digital crown button ( a rotating button on the right side of the watch). This button will contain a sensor to authenticate the fingerprint.

Moreover, Apple plans to use a seal around the button to prevent water and dust from entering it. It will surely catch the attention of people who are looking for new technology and are very particular about security purposes.

Apple is possibly working on incorporating this new feature in the smartwatch that will secure the device more easily compared to passcodes. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that companies do not always launch the products in the market for which they get a patent. They may get a patent for the prototypes they are testing. But, we will soon see what Apple comes up with.

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