How to check price history on AliExpress?

Online shopping is a new trend these days. Now people prefer to shop things online rather than going out and spending plenty of time in the markets finding things they like. One big advantage of online shopping is that you can take advantage of sales, offers, and deals while sitting in the comfort of your home. However, there are times you miss checking out the amazing deals and sales you were waiting for a long time, and that is frustrating. In such a situation you need a shopping assistant by your side. The shopping assistant can notify you about the deals, price changes, similar products, and much more.   

One of the most used shopping assistants nowadays is an Alitools. It is a price tracker extension that is specially dedicated to AliExpress. With Alitools, you will never miss out on the deals and huge sales. Alitools does a lot of essential things for the users. The list of tasks includes monitoring price changes of products on AliExpress, provide reviews of the products, indicates the trust level of the seller, track your parcels, and much more. In short, it helps you to make most of your purchase.  

Keeping a Record of Price History on AliExpress 

AliExpress is one of the most popular websites for online shopping. If you plan to purchase products from AliExpress, Alitools can help you track the price history of the product. You can know the previous price charts of the products in a given time. You can evaluate the rise and decline of prices and estimate if the product is worth the cost.  

AliExpress usually shows users one-time discount rates. But, with Alitools, you can have all the previous price records. You can optimize the way you purchase products by predicting when the product cost will be at its least.

Alitools for Buyers and Sellers 

Most of the price trackers are used only by the buyers, but this price tracker is different than others. It is as useful for sellers as it is for the buyers. The price tracker helps buyers by notifying them when their desired products are on sale or about to finish. On the other hand, for the sellers, it notifies them about the price changes and the top-selling products of the competitors. Sellers can benefit from price tracker in many more ways, for example, setting up deals and sales when they attract the competitor’s customers and much more.  

What does the price checking tool do?  

Price tracker extension is available both for mobile phones and personal computers. Here are some of the benefits price checking tools provide while acting as your shopping assistant. 

  1. Informs you about the discounts on your desired products.
  2. Informs you about the available deals.
  3. Verifies seller’s trust level.
  4. Allows you to track parcels.
  5. Acts as a comparison tool for the sellers. 
  6. Provide real reviews from the customers. 

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How to use Price Checking Tool  

Price checking tools are easy to use. To check the product price history of your desired products on AliExpress, you can follow the easy steps below.   

  1. Install Alitools extension for chrome. Visit Alitools and click on the Install for free button. It will ask permission to add an extension to the browser. Click on Add Extension button. In just a few seconds extension will be installed and will be seen on the toolbar or your browser window.   
  2. Next, go to the AliExpress website and choose the product whose price history you want to check.   
  3. On the product page, you will see a broad bar having several options for you. It is Alitools, your shopping assistant. 
  4. Click on the price option, and it will show you a line chart, having a price history for the product for the last three months.  
  5. You can change the history tenure from 3 months to half a year or more.  

With the use of a price tracking tool, you can also check the seller rating. If the color of the seller rating is green, it means it is a reliable seller and has good reviews from the customers. If the color of the seller rating is orange, it means that buyers are dissatisfied with the products of the seller.  The tools help you to optimize your purchase and get the most from your money. 

Price History Tracker at your Fingertips! 

If you love getting discounts and enjoy shopping from sales, then download Alitools browser extension now! You can enjoy the amazing features Alitools browser extension provides. The mobile version of Alitools is available both for Android and iOS users so that the shopping assistant is a few clicks away. You would not like to miss the deals AliExpress has for its customers from around the world.  

So, get ready to buy your favorite products at the right time with Alitools.  

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