Princess Connect Re: Dive : Download it Free on PC

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is a game released by Crunchyroll Games LLC in the early 2018’s. It is a role-playing adventure game, having a magnificent 4.5-Star rating. Furthermore, the game has more than 500 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store.

With this outstanding rating, the game has proved itself to be fantastic. Also, the game was released for both iOS and Android platforms. With the huge success of Princess Connect’s predecessor, the franchise decided to launch a new title.

Like its predecessor, Princess Connect Re: Dive also uses the traditional concepts of gacha games. These concepts can often be very confusing for a new player but are not tough to master. You have to practice a bit, and you will easily master all of the concepts.

Talking about the game-play, Princess Connect Re: Dive has a unique storyline to follow, with loads of characters and equipment to summon. Furthermore, the characters are specified into three classes, according to their abilities. The characters are specified as 1-Star characters, 2-Star characters, and 3-Star Characters.


Besides, each class has different characters that are better than the characters you already have. If you want to unlock these characters, you need to complete the quests. Every character is connected with a specific quest, complete the quests, and you will unlock all of the characters.

Because princess Connect Re: Dive is based upon the gacha game mechanism, you have to clearly explain that you have to upgrade your characters’ abilities. If you want to win the quests and battles against the enemies, you have to upgrade your character and equipment.

Furthermore, doing so will increase the chances of your win. Do note that upgrading your equipment is also really important. Many of the players often forget to upgrade their equipment. Equipment is responsible for the damage to the enemies. Upgrading significantly increases the DPS of your gear, increasing your chances of victory.

How To Download Princess Connect Re: Dive on PC?

You need to follow these four basic steps to download Princess Connect Re: Dive on PC for free:

  • Download and Install the LDPlayer Emulator from its official website.
  • Enter into the Emulator by signing in with your current Google account or making a new one.
  • Once done with that, search for Princess Connect Re: DIve on the Google Play Store or the LDStore, Preferably Google Play Store.
  • After searching, you need to download the game, and you are ready to play the game on your PC.

Moreover, you can also download and install the official version of Princess Connect by downloading its APK file and dragging it onto the LDPlayer’s window. Download, however, what you feel is more accurate and satisfactory. LDPlayer allows you to download the game either way.

Why Choose LDPlayer For Downloading Princess Connect Re: Dive?

LDPlayer is free to download Emulator designed specially to download mobile games on your PC. Keeping in mind that there are various other emulators available. All of them will provide you with almost the same features; why should you choose LDPlayer?

There are various reasons to choose LDPlayer, but first, we will be discussing why to choose emulators over mobiles. Without a doubt, mobile gaming is more convenient than PC gaming, but it’s not that fun. 

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PC’s are capable of running high-performance applications without any issue. On the other hand, mobile phones often start to heat up, as there is an immense load on them. This results in adversely damaging your phone’s internal parts, especially the battery.


Now let us talk about why to choose LDPlayer over other available emulators. First of all, LDPlayer has two different stores from which you can download applications and games. LDPlayer itself is a very small-sized application, which runs fluently on low spec PC as well.

Furthermore, the multi-instance feature is the best feature of the LDPlayer. This feature allows you to open multiple instances simultaneously, which can be controlled at once. Luckily, Princess Connect Re: Dive has a multi-instance rerolling feature.

This feature allows you to play the game more than once, that too simultaneously. The benefit of this feature, when played on LDPlayer, is that you can get more gems, in-game currency, which can be used in the game to upgrade the characters and equipment.

Hence, LDPlayer seems to be the best Emulator for Princess Connect Re: Dive with all of the features mentioned above.


It is to be concluded that LDPlayer is the best Emulator for playing Princess Connect Re: Dive. As discussed before, the feature provided by LDPlayer coincides with the additional features of the game, making the Emulator compatible with the game.

Furthermore, emulators are the best thing to play games on, as PCs can run high-performance applications without lag or heat-ups. Moreover, you will have a blast playing the game with LDPlayer, download the Emulator and experience the true gaming experience.

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