Why Custom Game Development Is The Best Option For Keeping Time-Money Balance

The interest in games is beyond question. The events of the previous year showed how well games can serve people forced to temporarily abandon classic offline entertainment. They became best friends and the main salvation for a huge number of people. In 2022, 3.24 billion people have become gamers, and there may be more than 3 billion by 2013. Game art companies continue to look for new ways to interest people and show them the virtual world can be beautiful.

Great demand drives great supply. But does this supply satisfy the demand in qualitative but not quantitative terms? We can say that not always. Many games are completely lost among their counterparts. Others turn out to be unfinished and are abandoned by players immediately after the first problems are identified. But there are games in which players are even ready to forgive minor and not very flaws for the reason that these products are special and have no analogies. These are custom games.

Custom Games: What Does It Mean?

We know that the word custom refers to something made under the order. This is a unique solution that is created for the tasks of a specific customer. It turns out that custom, in a broad sense, means carrying individual features, in contrast to the serial, mass, and standard.

For example, a car that is produced in a small series and tailored for an individual owner can be custom. Custom can be called a program that is tailored for an individual user or the specifics of the market of a particular country. And of course, the custom version of the website engine is designed to take into account the unique needs of the customer, who, as we know, is always right.

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Accordingly, a custom game is created not just for the sake of someone playing it somewhere under some circumstances. It is created for a specific audience, for a specific customer, and to fulfill clear goals. You can try to counter that in this case, all games are custom because they are all created for the sake of supposedly some goals. In fact, only a small percentage of released entertainment products have a purpose. Often the “goals” look like this: “I want a match-3 game to pay off quickly.” With this approach, the result will not be custom.

Benefits of Custom Video Game Development

For Game Vitality

We already mentioned that custom games are more viable in the market. They remain popular longer, they are interesting to people for their novelty and fresh approach. People are ready to wait for patches that fix bugs and give interesting additions, they gladly accept downloadable content and updates that keep them enthusiastic about what will happen next.

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Games that are supplemented with new features, levels, and other things remain in sight for a long time. Moreover, the additions make the game deeper and more interesting from a plot point of view. The players are interested in what awaits the heroes they love, as happens with watching TV series. Only here everything is much more exciting, because, in fact, the player is the main character.

The lack of linearity makes the game more like the real world. This is especially true for mid-core and hardcore products that emphasize prolonged and deep gameplay. But a casual game can also be made custom. This may seem like an unrealistic task in light of the great number of them on the market. But if you clearly define the goals and aspirations, then a good game art 3D company will be able to tell you the right way to create a successful product.

For Time and Wallet of the Customer

Knowing in advance what you want you to get much more benefits than those who act at random. Imagine a situation: you are asking a 3D environment artist to create an environment in one of two formulations:

  1. I want it to be a fantasy environment in the form of a magical forest with a lot of old mysterious trees, glowing fairies, twisted snags, and phosphorescent mushrooms.
  2. I want something fancy, I don’t know what exactly, let’s have options, I will choose.

It is quite obvious that in the second case, you will have a large number of sessions with edits and additions. This is additional time, dragging out the project and, of course, payment for the work of artists who are forced to guess, instead of working on more or less clear instructions.

You must understand that custom development is a joint work of you as a customer and a game development company. Yes, the studio will do whatever you say, but it needs to understand what you want. You may not have a clear vision of the level design, but you know how the player should feel when they enter this magical forest. The more information you provide to the team, the faster you will get the desired result. And the team that often works with custom orders will be able to navigate how best to implement your idea.

A custom project is always an opportunity to make additions and adjustments. If you see that the artists did not paint exactly what you wanted, you submit an edit request with a clear indication of what you would like to fix.

And finally, what interests everyone. The price of the issue. Individual development is individual in that it takes into account the client’s budget and offers solutions that fit into its framework. At the same time, the quality does not suffer in any way. In addition, as a result, you get a product that will not just get on the market and disappear there unnoticed. It will be found by the audience you need and will perform the functions that you planned before development. This is one of the main differences from non-custom development. There you act at random, and the results are also random and unpredictable. With a custom solution, you are sure of the ground.

In The End

Custom products are more profitable for the customer both due to a more accurate hit of the target audience and a more competitive balance of costs and benefits. Doing something standard at random or choosing an individual solution is up to you. Just remember that you are creating a product for the players, and they deserve to have their expectations met.

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