MagnaWave Technology – A Brief Overview

MagnaWave technology or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) technology is a modern technology that is used to relieve pain. MagnaWave machines use a precise electrical current that runs through a copper coil placed on the body and creates PEMF.

PEMF is non-invasive and can be applied anywhere. Each session lasts about thirty minutes. PEMF signals are felt immediately with continued improvement over time and sessions.

PEMF can be customized in length and intensity that suits one’s lifestyle. It can increase oxygenation and helps in reducing inflammation and stimulate cell metabolism. This action can cause a chain of processes in the body that could improve health.

MagnaWave or PEMF technology can thus be used to provide better health and soothing effects on the body. PEMF devices work on a cellular level and promote optimal health and wellness in a drug-free way.

Cells produce Adenosine Triphosphate energy. This energy is vital for the function of the body, building up and breaking down molecules, as well as transporting substances across cell membranes. PEMF is a safe and suitable technology.

Pulsating Charge and EM Waves

MagnaWave machines send a pulsating charge through tissues to address areas like joints and major muscle groups. Penetration of the charge can be up to one and a half feet into the person’s body.

Muscle movements help to identify imbalances, pain, or sore muscles that are worked on with MagnaWave. PEMF consists of pulsed electromagnetic waves being sent throughout a body to promote whole-body wellness.

Practitioners often recommend using PEMF along with conventional procedures and medication to help balance electromagnetic fields, which improves the quality of life.

Positive Effects

MagnaWave or PEMF technology has a number of pleasing effects on the body. Some of the effects are discussed here: It can penetrate every cell, tissue, organ, and bone with gentle electromagnetic pulses which stimulate and relax the cells and muscles.

This relaxation of muscles results in natural sleep. PEMF technology helps the body to repair cells and recover. It improves overall health without side effects. The technology allows for the production of improved-quality calcium lesser time which accelerates the repair of both bone and soft tissue.

The benefits achieved in the form of improved circulation, better sleep, natural wellness, and reduced inflammation results in reduced discomfort and all this leads to increased energy. Generally, the cause of pain is inflammation.

EMF technology suppresses inflammatory responses at the cell membrane, helps in alleviating pain, and increases the range of motion. The positive point about PEMF is that sometimes the pain gets relieved in minutes.

This technology enhances the oxygenation of the blood flow through the body. This encourages the body’s recovery process. On average, the healing process is increased by about a third of the time it would normally take without the use of PEMF.

Proper blood circulation plays a vital role in the function and health of the body. In the circulatory system, the heart pumps blood through blood vessels. PEMF positively charge the blood cells so they repel each other, making it difficult for them to stick together.

The separation of blood cells increases the available surface area. It allows cells to pick up more oxygen and release more energy. Thus, MagnaWave oxygenates the blood to improve performance and endurance.

Routine use of PEMF stimulates cellular exercise which may result in better cellular health and function to repair cells, recover and rejuvenate. By stimulating cellular exercise, pulsed electromagnetic fields are thought to trigger a series of processes in the body that can lead to the improvement of health without side effects.

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