What Can I do With my iPod? 

Do you have travel in your schedule in the next couple of weeks or days? Listening to songs will be a good time pass while viewing nature outside from the window; if you start packing your luggage, open your iPod case and update the playlist so you can hum new tunes. Are you puzzled about what to do? Keep reading the post and learn the methods.

iPod was once the most used device to listen to songs. Music lovers upload music albums and carry them wherever possible. If your iPod is kept inside the cabinet drawer, whether Gold, Nano, Shuffle, or Touch, it’s time to pull it outside and start using it.  

Apple launched iPod Touch, the 7th Generation, the last version in 2019, and it’s still considered an excellent device for enjoying music. 

As Apple discontinued the iPod, still, it doesn’t matter, and if you wish to carry it, it could be a handy device in your solo journey. 

Let’s check how to put music on iPod without iTunes and enjoy the music collection there.

How to Put Music on iPod without iTunes?

The clock is ticking, and you need to pack up your luggage. In this case, you need software to understand your time and quickly upload the songs to your iPod. Try WALTR PRO and avail it’s super fast speed whether you transfer or convert files; it takes a few seconds to complete the tasks. 

Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G

WALTR PRO, an upgraded version of WALTR 2, can provide many valuable functions. Its dedicated software for iOS devices and users can avail the maximum benefits of its high-end technology. There’s no compatibility issue, as the software works on Mac and Windows. So, quickly install it for free on your PC and follow the below methods to save time and effort. 

Step-by-step guide

Learn how you can put music to your iPod without iTunes:

Step 1: Download the program

As there’s no compatibility issue with WALTR PRO, you can install it on your Windows or Mac PC for free and run the program.

Step 2: Connect The iPod and your PC

To connect both devices, first-second generation users can use a Firewire cable + USB adapter. For the above version, users use a standard USB lightning cable. After the connection, the application will synchronize with the device.

Tips: If your iPod supports Wifi, then you can connect both devices using the Wifi. 

Step 3: Drag and drop the music files

Select a single file or the entire album folder, drag it, and drop it into the program based on your preference. Once you drop the files, you’ll notice a progress bar on your screen, and you’ll be notified when the process will complete. 

Tips: The plus side of the software is that it can detect whether the files are compatible with your iPod. If not, it can quickly convert them into MP3, M4A, FLAC, AIFF, etc. 

Now you can enjoy your favorite tune while you’re in travel mode. 

How to Put Music files to iPod through Finder on Mac

If you’ve Mac, store all your favorite albums, and don’t want to use iTunes to upload music files, you can try Finder. It’s a convenient option to put music on iPod. So before starting the process, make sure you disable the auto-sync option of iTunes in the iPod. 

Step-by-step guide

Follow the below process. 

Step 1: Connect iPod

Using a USB cable, connect both iPod and Mac.

Step 2: Create a new folder

You must create a new folder on your iPod in your preferred location. Next, select the music folder on Mac.

Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G

Step 3: Drag and drop the files

Now, drag and drop the selected music files to the newly created folder of your iPod.

How to Put Music files from computer to iPod without iTunes

If you have a windows PC and save your favorite albums unprotected, you can transfer the files to iPod using the drag-and-drop option. You cannot carry your PC everywhere but an iPod. So, try it and use the direct method to transfer the files. 

Step-by-step guide

Let’s check out the simple method:

Step 1: Connect both devices

Via a USB cable, connect both devices. If you notice iTunes auto-launch, close the program.

Step 2: Trust the computer on your iPod as Prompted

Before continuing, you need to trust the PC on your iPod as Prompted; next, go to My Computer or This PC, double click iPod, and choose Tools > Folder.

Step 3: Check Settings

Check the “View” tab, then under “Advanced Settings,” check “Show Hidden Files.” Now, you can see the iPod-control folder. 

Double-click the “Folder,” choose the desired music on your PC, then drag and drop it into the folder. 

Now your iPod has all your PC songs files, and you can carry and enjoy anywhere you want. 

Tips to Listen to your favorite songs on iPod

iPod comes with a built-in speaker with excellent sound quality. You can use the speaker when you’re in an isolated place. But if you’re in a public place, we recommend using Earpods. Then, based on your iPod version, select the available Earpods and enjoy every beat at its fullest with high, medium, or low volume.

Bottom Line 

Music can be the best companion in your journey, and if you’ve iPod, you can carry it anywhere you want. Before starting to take off, quickly install WALTR PRO for free and upload all your desired music albums to your iPod. Besides, you can use the other two options to put the music on iPod we’ve mentioned. Then, using your iPod, enjoy the beat and get lost in your music world. 

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