Taking Cryptocurrency Mining to the Next Step with HiveOS

Crypto Mining

Since cryptocurrency is digital money, it is mined, not printed as fiat money. And neither cryptocurrencies nor their mining is controlled by the government or any other organization. They are independent. 

Cryptocurrency mining is not child’s play. This mining does not work as coal or gold mining does. It requires advanced software, such as HiveOS, to be run on a very powerful computer that is capable of solving billions of math problems within a second.

Your software should be simple, and easy to use for mining cryptocurrencies. In this way, you can easily start mining, and save your time.


HiveOS is a very powerful software that mines cryptocurrencies. This is an OS as same as Windows or Linux. It is to be remembered that not only does a computer matter in the mining of cryptocurrencies, but dedicated software does also.

If you are a crypto miner, or you are going to be one, you need to download HiveOS to mine cryptocurrencies. HiveOS lets you monitor and manage your cryptocurrency mining in one place. And you need it. Cryptocurrency mining requires software that works uninterruptedly. 

Setup Cruxpool Mining on HiveOS

You will need to create an account on the HiveOS website. When you have completed account creation, you need your mining workers to be linked to your account. 

Then, start setting up mining and creating templates to mine, utilizing the Cruxpool.

Cruxpool Username or Wallet Address to Be Added

You need either to add your Cruxpool username or wallet address. For this, go to Wallets in HiveOS panel, there will pop out a display when you click for adding a wallet option. 

There will be some inputs


You need to pick the cryptocurrency that is linked to your wallet address.


Here you will have two options. You can either add your wallet address or your Cruxpool username.


At last, there will be a need of naming the wallet template. 

When you are done with these steps, now you need to save the template. The saved wallet template can be used on HiveOS flight sheets. That is pretty easy.

Need of Adding Either Wallet Address or Cruxpool Username

You will either need to add your wallet address or your Cruxpool username. For this purpose, you need to reach the Flight Sheets, and you will find this option in a panel of HiveOS.

Here are a few steps you need to do

  • Coin – You need to pick the cryptocurrency to be mined.
  • Wallet – There is a need of putting the wallet template that you created.
  • Pool – In the dropdown menu, choose Cruxpool
  • Miner – Here you choose your mining software
  • Name – There is a need of naming the mining flight sheet.

Additionally, there is an option for making manual modifications or adding additional settings. To do this, simply click the Setup miner configuration button.

Save your flight sheet once you are done with your editing. And, this flight sheet can be used on your mining workers.

Need of Loading Mining Flight Sheet

When you are done with two processes of completing the wallet and sheet setup, you will be able to start mining by launching the flight sheet in RIG.

You can do this by following the steps

  • After going to the farm where the worker is linked, access your work panel.
  • You need to be in the flight sheet section.
  • You need to pick the flight sheet by ticking on the rocket.

You are done with your Cruxpool mining which will start in a few seconds.


We already know the importance of cryptocurrency mining, and in the past few years, people or organizations are rushing to mine cryptocurrencies. Crypto mining is not a difficult task or something that is hard to do. 

Mining requires your computer to be very powerful, yet nowadays, there are networks of thousands of nodes and the best mining software that is capable of mining cryptocurrencies without any interruption. And that is HiveOS. 

HiveOS creates ease for miners to mine cryptocurrencies in simple and easy ways. There is no complexity concerning the use of HiveOS for mining cryptocurrencies. Also, you just need to create templates, save them and start mining. HiveOS is the highly recommended software. 

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