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Everything you need to know about the new CryptoWire by TickerPlant!

Since the trend of cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day, some global powers are looking forward to taking an interest in it. A top-rated company operating globally for providing content related to different niches has launched its cryptocurrency super application. The company has been interested in providing financial content services for many business institutions across the globe. However, recently it has been developing an application that will be a one-stop solution for all cryptocurrency-related services. The application is named CryptoWire, and it is going to provide some incredible services like real-time prices of every cryptocurrency in the world. In addition, this application will also facilitate some critical information like news, charts, and data that will help a cryptocurrency enthusiast make money out of different coins.

According to the CEO of the company TickerPlant, this application will be the best in the world. It is going to be available for different platforms like iOS as well as android. The other operating software is like Google will accept the working of this application because it is very incredible. It is a Mumbai-based company named 63 Moons which owns TickerPlant. This company was earlier known as the financial technologies group, which relates to the services in the information providing sector. In an interview, the CEO of the company inaugurated its new application CryptoWire and said that to reach the roadmap of growth for the company, the company is looking forward to launching its subsidiary application CryptoWire. It will be a super crypto app for the whole world, and it will be a single-place solution for every cryptocurrency-related dealing.

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More about CryptoWire

The world is in a buzz of cryptocurrencies, and that is an application that provides masterclass services. The main feature is an exchange neutral and an information platform that can help you make a massive profit out of the crypto world. According to the company, there are a lot of incredible advantages that you can enjoy by becoming a part of this new application. Also, through his application, the new cryptocurrency market players will enroll in different courses on digital coins. You can also get cryptocurrency courses up to Ph.D. degrees, which is an incredible thing about this application all along. Furthermore, the courses provided by this application will be backed by some highly reputed universities.

The application is going to provide a 24 x 7 cryptocurrency news channel. It will provide you with everything going on in the cryptocurrency market, and therefore, you will be able to get in-depth knowledge about digital coins. Also, there would be a separate analysis panel available on the platform to learn about the report and discussion regarding cryptocurrencies. Also, any information related to cryptocurrencies, such as development, Blockchain, and many more, will be available on this platform, which is the most incredible thing about it. As we have mentioned earlier, there will be courses available for learning different things about cryptocurrencies on this platform. Some of the courses will be free of cost, while others will be degrees for which you will have to pay a predefined fee on BitIQ Auto-Trading Robot.

Before CryptoWire, there have always been some cryptocurrency platforms on the internet that provide you with statistical data and information on digital coins. However, this company is looking forward to bringing out something new. Earlier, a company integrated with some international universities and learned about different coins and your knowledge. However, now things are different. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts need updates as well as knowledge about these coins. To do that, this company has looked forward to the opportunity and provides you with online YouTube streaming videos about prices and their catalyst.

CryptoWire Is launched when different countries are looking forward to imposing a complete ban on currencies. It is a bank, but the government is looking forward to regulatory action for cryptocurrencies. For example, China has completely banned the movement of cryptocurrencies and their mining, and India is also expected to do it soon. However, due to the increasing regulatory pressure, some cryptocurrencies fail to perform well while others get more power.

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