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Districts of Istanbul For Real Estate Purchase

Many foreign investors consider purchasing real estate on the Turkish coast. The destination attracts buyers with a comfortable climate, convenient transportation links, and affordable property.

Purchase of real estate abroad requires analyzing the pros and cons before making such a responsible investment. In this article, we are going to discuss the most comfortable districts of Istanbul to buy real estate. Property prices for sale Istanbul vary due to various factors. Still, they correspond to the quality of housing and its positive characteristics. 

What is special about Istanbul? 

Istanbul is a unique wonder that has no rivals in the world. The city is simultaneously located on two continents – Europe and Asia. Istanbul is separated by the majestic Bosporus, one of the most important straits for international navigation. A popular form of public transport is the ferry.

For Christians, the former capital of Byzantium, Constantinople, has a special meaning. Istanbul still has a huge number of shrines and churches, including several that are still in operation. 

Istanbul is an amazing destination that has become home to people of various nationalities and religions. There is no argument or hostility against foreigners, all of them are welcomed.  

Where to buy real estate in Istanbul? 

Istanbul is one of the most pleasant places for buying real estate and relocation. However, the choice of the district should be responsible and thought out. 


This district is a huge commercial and business center located in the European part of the city. It houses multiple offices, shopping malls, and luxury boutiques. Focusing on modernization, the developers of the district introduce comfortable housing units with advanced amenities. The residential complexes provide entertainment and sports opportunities. A vivid example of modern complexes in Shishli is two 54-story towers, which clearly stand out against the background of the architecture of the area. The prestigious complex includes a swimming pool, spa, garage, and cafe.


A fast-growing area in the Asian part of Istanbul, there is a stretch of forest and the coastline is 12 kilometers long. One example of modern structures in Kartal is this ensemble of 5 buildings. Three of the buildings are intended for residential use, the other two will be offices. Apartments overlooking the Marmara Sea and the Princes’ Islands are designed with one or two bedrooms, and the infrastructure includes a spa complex, children’s and outdoor pools, and a fitness club.


A prestigious area in the European part of Istanbul, located on the west side of the city with high investment potential. Beylikdüzü is one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul due to its elevated location in a forested area which gives it particularly clean air. There are beaches and a harbor nearby which is a luxury complex designed for the participants of the immigration program of Turkey. It has a swimming pool, gym, and spa, and nearby is the Marmara Park Shopping Mall and the E-5 freeway.


This is one of the oldest and most beautiful districts of Istanbul opposite the Golden Horn, which used to be an outpost. There are sights in the form of numerous mosques, the famous Maiden Tower, and the Beylerbey Palace. The cape itself and the opening views are also impressively beautiful. Not far from the monuments of antiquity is a modern luxury complex consisting of blocks of residential and commercial real estate. The complex includes a SPA center, swimming pools, cafes, and a children’s club


Located in the heart of Istanbul, the old city with its attractions is located here. At the same time, this part of Istanbul is very Europeanized, and new buildings are among the most attractive objects for investment. One of these projects is a nine-story complex consisting of 250 prestige apartments with high ceilings and glass facades, 14 office buildings, and 20 commercial units. The complex is located near Taksim Square, with a subway station, streetcar stop, and ferry crossing nearby.

What to pay attention to when buying? 

The dream of having your own accommodation by the sea may be easily realized. To choose a suitable housing unit, it is advisable to monitor offers from trusted developers. A major aggregator provides a wide selection of profitable apartments and villas in any district of Istanbul. If you have already visited the website and chosen the accommodation of your dream, it is necessary to be careful and not rush in the process of a deal. 

Here is a list of useful recommendations on how to perform the transaction successfully and without any unpleasant issues. 

  • Select real estate only from a trusted developer with an excellent reputation. Nowadays it is possible to find information about developers on the internet, read the reviews and contact the representatives. 
  • Check the availability of Iskan. It is a technical passport for the housing unit in Turkey and the document on the commissioning of the property. 
  • Study the documents and negotiate with the developer only with the help of a licensed translator. If you do not speak Turkish, you need a reliable person who will be able to deliver your desires and needs to the seller.  
  • Do not give money to the seller beforehand, especially if you pay cash. 
  • Pay attention to the situation when you buy an apartment not from the owner, but from a person who has a power of attorney. It is not uncommon in such cases to try to sell mortgaged apartments.  
  • Have some extra money in case some unexpected situations appear. 

To sum up

Istanbul is the main port of the Republic of Turkey and the main industrial center of the country. Istanbul’s two international airports receive a huge flow of flights from all over the world every day. For foreigners, finding a job in Istanbul or opening a business in Turkey is easier, as in any metropolis, where other scales for activity open up. For these reasons, real estate in Istanbul is a highly beneficial investment and a perfect opportunity for a comfortable stay.

David is a technology specialist who has been writing about business, technology, and IT-related topics for the past 6 years. He loves working with brands to develop content that helps them connect with their target audience.