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The Concept Of Biophilic Design In Real Estate In Keturah Reserve

Lying on the shores of the Persian Gulf, Dubai occupies a large territory of the UAE. Huge territory and great ambitions of the developers are the key pushing powers to creating the impossible. That is why a visit to Dubai makes people witness that even seemingly the craziest ideas of a developer are possible.

The metropolis strikes the imagination of foreigners with high-tech architecture and futuristic designs. Here you can observe the nature reserves, large channels, shopping malls of incredible size, glass skyscrapers, and unique residential constructions. One of them is Keturah Reserve from the MAG Group. The residential complex is eager to show the world its beauty and style and introduce a new concept into the development system. 

Exceptional residential complex Keturah Reserve

The residential complex Keturah Reserve is an exceptional representative of the advanced visions of Dubai developers. The project of the MAG Group will be a real city within a city, as the plan also includes the implementation of the following phases with villas and apartments.

This project is likely to be the most innovative in Dubai, as its idea of creating biophilic architecture and interiors allows homeowners to connect and enjoy the surrounding nature. In addition to the various amenities listed below, residents will be offered a range of personalized services for the home, family, and pets.

The area will provide the residents with all necessary facilities and infrastructure for pleasant family or single living. Buying real estate in Keturah Reserve, a foreigner obtains a fully furnished townhouse, private pool, private barbeque zones, and multiple green spaces for sport and recreation. Moreover, the residential complex provides absolute comfort and security as well as easy access to all important attractions of the emirate. 

Implementation of Biophilic Design in Keturah Reserve

Biophilic design is a concept used in architecture, engineering, and design to increase human connection with nature and involvement in its conservation through:

  • bringing in natural nature;
  • emulating nature;
  • balancing the conditions of space and place.

This idea used both in the building and in the city has health, environmental and economic benefits for people working and living in buildings. 

Keturah Reserve by MAG Group is a perfect place to experience a BIO lifestyle in harmony with nature as well as improve physical condition and activate internal resources. 

Illustrations of Biophilic Design in Keturah Reserve

According to the author of the Biophilic Design concept, the key objective of biophilic cities is to create an environment where the residents want to actively participate in, preserve, and connect with the natural landscape that surrounds them. For this reason, the residents of the complex will observe bright examples of innovative ideas in their perfect realization. 

The buildings are to be decorated with neutral colors, flora designs, trees, and an abundance of greenery. The ultra-luxurious townhouses, offering transformative living, will be positioned at a special angle to maximize natural daylight, and the double-volume interior spaces will increase the flow of cooled air naturally, reducing the need for air conditioning. Construction of multiple parks, green areas for relaxation, sports grounds, and playgrounds for children is fully realized in eco-style. 

Real estate in Keturah Reserve

In 2022 the renowned developer MAG Group launched the construction of a luxury residential complex Keturah Reserve. The upscale project is located in the popular district of Mohammed Bin Rashid City and is scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of 2025. Due to the incredible scale of the project, the entire process of construction is divided into several stages. 

Upon completion, the complex will include:

  • fully furnished 4-bedroom townhouses;
  • fully furnished 5-bedroom townhouses;
  • spacious plots of land to build branded villas;
  • exclusive 1-4 bedroom apartments.

A new level of life in Keturah Reserve

MAG Keturah Reserve is planned to be located in a highly convenient position. It will take only 10 minutes for residents to get to the popular neighborhoods of Dubai and about 20 minutes to the national airport. 

The residents of the residential complex will have access to many amenities. It is not necessary to enumerate all benefits, much better to come and see them in person. However, there are some facilities worth special attention. Areas for multiple kinds of sports, family and separate women`s pools, spas, co-working spaces, playgrounds, and educational classes are available to everyone. 

The center of the eco-complex Keturah Reserve will be The Park – a densely green area of 27.9 thousand square meters, shaded by thousand-year-old olive trees, which were brought from different parts of the world.

Investments in real estate in Keturah Reserve

Keturah Reserve in Dubai is a highly profitable option for investments. Constantly growing prices on real estate in the emirate combined with a unique residential project create huge demand among foreign businessmen. 

Buying property in Keturah Reserve, an owner faces several ways of getting income. A townhouse or a villa can be resold at a much bigger price. The purchase of a property in an eco-complex offers beneficial rental opportunities as well. Income from renting out the housing stock is promising: the profitability rate of townhouses in the area reaches 7% per year. There are no taxes on personal income in the UAE, so the homeowner will receive a net profit. Management of the rental housing does not even require living in the country: the management of townhouses in a new building in Keturah Reserve and the search for tenants will be performed by the real estate agency. 

Help in selecting the property in Keturah Reserve

Due to the constant changes in the real estate market in Dubai, it is advisable to start monitoring the suitable housing options in Keturah Reserve right now. Of course, there is no need to make hasty decisions, but delaying responsible investment is not a rational choice as well. 

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