Some of the Top Python Courses for Beginners

In the recent past, we have witnessed some tremendous development in hardware and software technology, a major credit of this goes to programming. With improvement in electronic devices like smartphones and laptops or high-end defense electronics, there is more future scope in programming.

Hence, it becomes important to learn at least one good versatile programming language especially for graduates having a technical background.

Python, which is not only one of the most versatile programming languages in today’s world but is now also one of the most promising programming languages that offer great career opportunities. 

The best and most simple step for students intending to learn this versatile programming language would be to enroll in an Online Python Course and gain thorough knowledge and required python skills in the comfort of their home.

On that note, let’s talk about some of the top online python courses for students who want to learn a new programming language or someone who is looking for a new opportunity.  


Complete Python Bootcamp from Zero to Hero in Python

This is one of the bestselling python courses available on Udemy. With more than 1250000 students enrolled and an overall rating of 4.6 stars, the students’ feedback speaks tons for the quality content of the course.  

A comprehensive yet to-the-point course designed for both beginners and intermediates teaches every aspect of python 3 programming language from basic syntax to advanced features of python.

Created by Udemy instructor Jose Portilla, the course is packed with 100 video lectures with a total run time of 22 hours. Apart from this, the course modules include coding exercises, quizzes, tests, assignments, and more. The course leaves no stones unturned by offering three major projects for students to learn python in a practical manner and create their project portfolio. 

Lastly, this is a certification course so students will be awarded a certificate of completion after they have completed the entire course. If you’re looking to save on this course, don’t forget to check for any available Udemy coupon codes.

Learn Python Programming Masterclass

Another fantastic python course for beginners on Udemy is Learn Python Programming Masterclass. The course has been created by Tim Buchalka and Jean-Paul Roberts and comprises 22 sections covering all fundamental concepts of python programming luggage with imparting requisite python skills to apply for python programming jobs. 

The course contains 435 video lectures with a total length of 61 hours and 9 minutes. Furthermore, the course includes online training in python 3 which is what most technology companies are using at present. Apart from video lectures, it includes articles, downloadable resources, coding exercises, etc for a thorough understanding of python. 

With that said, the course focuses on complete beginners having no programming experience as well as working programmers who want to excel in their career by learning python. 


Learn Python 3

This beginner-friendly course is a great introduction to both basic programming concepts and the Python 3 programming language. Python 3 is the most updated version of the language with several advancements to increase the simplicity and efficiency of the code you write.

This interactive course contains 30 hours of content and covers 18 chapters. To access this course, students need to get a Codecademy membership at a nominal monthly membership fee. Through this students can access all the best quality courses, quizzes, projects for portfolio building, and other educational resources. 


Programming with Python Foundation Course

Apart from providing online coaching, test series, and other study material to students preparing for various competitive exams, Testbook has started offering professional and self-improvement courses to students and professionals seeking to upgrade their skills.

One such course available on the Testbook website is the Programming with Python Foundation Course. The course is created by WordPress expert Pradeep Kumar Rai and covers all required concepts and skills in 20 plus hours of video lectures. These video lectures are short, to the point, and are bilingual (Hindi and English) to overcome language barriers. 

Furthermore, various quizzes, practicals, and assignments have been placed in the course at regular intervals for a better learning experience. It is a self-paced course so that students can progress through the course as per their comfort. Lastly, they can earn a certificate once they have completed 50% of the course.


Python for Everybody – University of Michigan 

This Coursera specialization on python offered by the University of Michigan is a five-course series. Through the first four courses, students will learn various programming concepts such as Python Data Structure, Access Web Data using Python, Using SQL, and Database with Python. 

The fifth and last course is a capstone in which students will have to build applications to retrieve, process, and visualize data using python. The projects presented in this course will help students to gain practical experience and specialize in python programming.  

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) – University of Michigan

This is yet another amazing course from the University of Michigan available on Coursera. It focuses on teaching the basics of computer programming using python. The course covers all fundamentals of how one person can write a program with a series of simple syntaxes using python. 

The course contains five chapters covering six major concepts i.e., Why We Program ?, Installing and using python, Variable and Expressions, Conditional Code, Functions, Loops, and Iterations. 

This course is the best fit for beginners as it doesn’t require any prior knowledge of programming.

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