Fresh Tech Tips to Remote Control an Android Device

Is it possible to control Android via a computer or any other device? Today it is possible for anyone with access to the Internet. And setting up a remote connection does not require special skills and does not take much time. In this article, you will learn about the different ways of Android remote control.

Why do you need a remote control?

The remote connection provides quite a lot of opportunities for users. For example, if your smartphone was stolen or you lost it, you can easily lock it using a second smartphone and a computer. Also, with the help of remote access, you can track the location of the phone, which will allow you to return it if lost or stolen.

Also, remote management through certain programs can provide advanced features. For example, you will be able to run various programs, make calls, write messages, send files, etc.

In general, the user will have access to any actions that can be performed on the smartphone. This is very useful in cases where you want to help with the settings or installation of a file to a friend who is far away from you. And it will also make it easier for parents, as they will be able to control their children’s smartphones.

Controlling Android from a computer

With the help of various programs, you can easily manage Androids from your computer. Besides, you can also manage your computer with Android, which is also a very popular feature. With the help of special programs, you can configure management even without access to the Internet. However, there are also ways to connect without downloading additional software.

Remote Management Applications

The most popular is the control of smartphones via computer. Currently, there are quite a few different applications that allow full access to a smartphone via computer. Let’s dwell on 3 such programs.


The presented program is the most popular and in-demand among Android users. Its popularity is due to a simple interface that anyone can understand. So, it is quite easy to use this program. The installation and connection process is also quite simple.

The benefits and features of AirDroid:

  • typing, sending, and receiving SMS and MMS messages are available;
  • you can work with various files, namely receiving and transferring them between connected devices. You can view images, music, and videos;
  • if you turn on certain settings, you can edit contacts in the phone book;
  • full access to all available cameras on the connected phone is provided;
  • 200 MB in the cloud is free for each user.


Is also a fairly popular application through which you can control other smartphones via computer. In addition to normal management, this program allows you to transfer various files from your smartphone to your computer and back again. Airmore allows you to connect Android to Mac, iOS, and Windows.

Connect Me

The software also allows you to transfer various files and manage other phones. You can also use it to connect to your phone’s camera or make calls. It runs on the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and Smart TV.

Advantages and disadvantages

Remote management through the applications listed above is distinguished by its advantages, as well as the absence of any disadvantages. Among the advantages are the following factors:

  1. Distance. You can connect remote control at any distance. So, you can control the phones of your friends who are in another city or another country.
  2. Time-saving. If you are sitting at your computer and your phone is far away from you, you can easily call from it or perform any other actions.
  3. Free. All the listed applications are available for free.
  4. Easy to use. You do not need to have a certain knowledge to connect to the device.

Remote control via Android really saves time.

Control via Google

The easiest way to access your phone via a computer is available to Google users. In this case, you can connect even without installation.

The possibilities of the service are:

Remote control of Android via the Internet

Among the programs that provide remote access only with the Internet, stand out:

Find My Device

This is an application developed by Google. Available for installation on Google Play. Features include location detection, calling to the device, blocking and deleting files. It only works on devices that have internet access and have enabled geolocation.


A simplified version of TeamViewer. In this program, you can only connect via a local network. But it is not necessary to create accounts. The installation is available on Google Play. Immediately after installation, you can click on the Stream and Connect buttons, after which full access will be presented.

There are other apps with remote access features for Android. We will list, without going into details, a few popular ones.

  1. MobileGo. Allows you to connect using a convenient QR code. It has a backup function.
  2. WebKey. Powerful paid app (with trial version) for managing multiple devices.
  3. Air More. An approximate analog of AirDroid with similar functionality. It is interesting because it is completely free.
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