Top-Tier Tech: How To Download Free TV and Movie Apps on Your Firestick

It’s no secret that Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers right now, dominating the market with its two-day Prime shipping options, its easy-to-access streaming service, and the other benefits it offers to people who pay for Prime memberships. While their warehouse practices are questionable, to say the least, they’ve been able to secure customer loyalty through these programs, and many use Amazon to buy groceries, to purchase odds and ends, and as their primary streaming service. For these customers, the Amazon equivalent of Disney adults, they may have bought the Firestick, thinking that it would be a convenient, easy-access alternative to set-top box systems like Roku or Apple TV; For some, there’s no doubt, the Amazon Firestick provides everything they need; a constant connection to their favorite website, a voice-search option for their favorite streaming service, and the ability to make impulse buys through their TV instead of their phone. 

However, for consumers who want more than Amazon is willing to provide, the Firestick is hardly the best option for a set-top box. The voice-search function, which is the only distinctive feature of the Firestick, cannot be used to search services like Netflix or Hulu, only Amazon sites. Moreover, the Firestick is notably limited in the apps it provides for free content, being a device that’s engineered to drive people to Amazon’s services. For many who bought Firesticks because of Amazon’s reputation for convenience and hasty service, the actual functionality of the Firestick can be a massive disappointment, as it reveals the true character of Amazon: a monopolistic, craven company looking to rake in as much cash as possible, looking out for their own interests above what consumers may need.

Fortunately, for these people, there is a way to get more use out of your Firestick. Are you interested in hearing more? Let’s talk about an entirely legal, entirely safe way to get third-party apps on your Firestick: jailbreaking. 

DIY Reprogramming: Taking Control of Your Tech

Jailbreaking is just the process of reprogramming your tech to remove restrictions on the kinds of software that can interact with it, making it possible for you to install apps that, for one reason or another, the manufacturer won’t allow you to use with their tech. Most often, these apps are restricted because they come from the manufacturer’s competitor: for example, many people jailbreak their iPhones to use android apps with their existing tech. Jailbreaking your devices can be an excellent way to unlock the potential of your devices, using one device to run apps from multiple sources instead of buying new electronics to perform specific functions. 

Fortunately for Firestick owners, the Firestick has proven to be one of the most straightforward devices to jailbreak, only requiring a couple of minor adjustments to access hundreds of free entertainment apps. For people looking to make their device fully functional and tailored to their needs (instead of a multibillion-dollar corporation’s needs), jailbreaking their tech can be the simplest, most inexpensive solution.

Risks and Qualifiers: Know Before You Go

While jailbreaking is a safe and secure process, it can remove security protections put in by the manufacturer as well, so you may want to consider a device-specific VPN. While this measure can be an added expense, it can also protect you from unwanted interference from your internet service provider via ISP throttling.

Put Yourself First: Jailbreak Your Firestick

Jailbreaking your tech may or may not seem necessary to you. Still, for those who want to get an edge over the monolithic corporations dominating our capitalistic landscape, it may be the best way to get your money’s worth. Take a look at what you’re getting from your devices, and ask yourself if your device is serving your interests or its manufacturer’s. 

If you find you don’t like the answer you get, at least you now have the tools to do something about it. 

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