Ed tech Trends in Education

Education is undoubtedly one of the most important fields for humanity. Consequently, major investments into it will always pay off, as the experience of modern humanity shows. Novel technologies in the field offer a path to revolutionize the field and create many strong conditions for its development.

In this article, we shall take a look at some of the key fields and give you a way to better orient yourself in the existing ed tech trends. Here, technologies such as animation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and big data receive consideration. All of those fields will have tremendous influence in the future. Thus, if you want to be progressive, a strong goal is to concentrate on them as much as possible.

Top 5 Educational Technology Trends In 2022

Several technologies will have a tremendous impact in the upcoming years. They include the following elements:

  1. Animation. We see animation as a strong path for both promoting theoretical and practical learning. Above all, animation of various kinds is perfect for providing learners with quick insights into some technology. It is especially potent at holding the attention of young audiences. If you need to teach children programming, the approach is more or less perfect. Another crucial undoubtedly includes some form of work on animation. Here, you can, for instance, teach both programming and art by asking some students to create animations and other programs as a basic gaming environment for the novel models.
  2. Artificial Intelligence. To a great extent, the work on artificial intelligence within the programming courses on Node.js, for instance, can greatly expand the ability of all involved students to learn the basics of the discipline. Artificial intelligence in learning can activate the majority of the skills crucial for turning an individual into a strong programmer. Thus, a good idea is to task the programming students with some tasks relating to artificial intelligence. It will quickly teach them the basics and, more importantly, even activate the knowledge of additional disciplines such as mathematics.
  3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. AR and VR can be strong at promoting some form of space-oriented learning. If you want to teach your students the understanding of molecule structures, VR is a perfect tool in many cases. It will show the key data in a 3D format that is very strong at enabling the understanding of a complex subject of this kind. Thus, VR/AR can be potent at promoting the long-term learning of individuals with moderate and below-average spatial skills as it will give them a chance to cover the lacunas in visualization skills.
  4. Cloud Computing. If you want to enable some collaborative projects, it is essential to use some form of cloud computing. In this regard, we heavily recommend concentrating on the usage of cloud services for pushing students towards team programming tasks. Even in times of lockdowns, one can facilitate the creation of a Node.js website on the basis of the cloud frameworks. It’s not surprising to see their further development in the upcoming years.
  5. Big Data. Lastly, the high-quality Big Data tools can help highlight some of the key trends in terms of education. In this case, the collection of information on a student can create a very good set of statistical information on their long-term capabilities and learning talent. Big Data tools help analyze a lot of information and, thus, would be able to provide feedback that was not available to specialists in the past.


To summarize, the existing technologies in terms of education are becoming more and more advanced. Humankind gets an increasing number of tools that should be able to facilitate high-quality standards in learning. Your success in this field will undoubtedly rely on the ability to be an early adopter of novel technologies.

The earlier you start to use AI or Big Data, the faster your attempts in terms of education will succeed. In the end, we can recommend a firm that can help you with the education-related processes regarding Node.js. KeenEthics should be able to provide many vital recommendations capable of improving education-related efforts.

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