Faxing 101: 3 Methods Of Sending Faxes From Your Computer

In the past, faxing was the go-to method of sending messages between different machines. It’s connected to a telephone line which would be used to deliver the message. While it was efficient, improvement in technology exposed some of its shortcomings and eventually has led to is usage decline. 

However, some organizations have currently reverted to sending faxes. Only this time, the faxes can be sent from a computer if there’s an internet connection and the right software. In addition, faxing is seen as a more reliable way to send messages as it’s not susceptible to data breaches like emails. 

Several Ways Of Sending Fax From A Computer

There are several ways through which you can send faxes from a computer. The key to achieving this is having the proper software, stable internet connection, or finding an exemplary cloud-based service.  Listed below are the different ways of using your computer to send a fax: 

1.Send Through A Cloud-Based Service 

Sending faxes through an online service is one of the simplest ways to do it from your computer as it doesn’t require any particular machine or software. However, when faxing from a computer with eFax or any other online company, there are several steps you’ll need to follow. 

First, you have to research for a company that offers the best services. You should be keen to check on the reviews to determine the company’s integrity as that determines the document’s security. You can then create an account with them and choose a payment plan which best suits you. Some companies have freemium plans or free trials, which you can take advantage of. 

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After creating an account with the company, you can log in, browse through their services and look for send faxes. Next, fill in all the required information, including the recipient’s fax number, location, and write a cover letter that will be printed out on the recipient’s end. Finally, you can attach a document, preferably in a pdf file, choose resolution, and sent the fax. 

Alternatively, you can send faxes through your email. After you’ve created an account, compose an email using the same email you created an account with. First, on the recipient’s address, but the service provider’s email address, then the recipient’s fax number as the subject line. Then write a cover message, attach the document, and send. 

This is a simple way. You can use it regardless of the device you have or where you are. All you need is an internet connection and access to the account. 

2. Adding Software To Your Computer 

Another option to send faxes is by purchasing faxing software and installing it on your computer. You’ll first need a faxing modem to attach to an online faxing machine through a phone line. In addition, you’ll also need a wired landline connection that’ll help with the connection to the fax machine. You should note that the voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) doesn’t work well for faxing as the ‘packets’ used in transmission can be lost, and the fax will fail to send. Therefore, you must use a wired landline. 

After getting these two additions, the setup of your software is simple—it’s mostly automatic-and you’re good to go. However, some operating systems do come with a scan and fax feature as part of their package. So, before you purchase any faxing software, be keen first to check whether your computer has the feature. This will help you cut down on unnecessary expenses. 

3. Connect Your Computer To A Fax Machine

Sending a fax from your computer should be simple if you have or can get a fax machine. You’ll have to set up your fax machine and connect it to a wired phone line. Again, you should be keen not to use VoIP because it causes connection problems in faxes. 

After you have your machine set up, you can install the machine’s software on your computer to communicate with the fax machine. This should also be a simple process. When the connection is established correctly, you can send and receive fax right to your computer. There’s also no need to print your faxes as you can read them on your paper. 

However, this method is limited as apart from your computer, you need a fax machine or a printer, and you can’t use it remotely. 


Thanks to technology, sending and receiving faxes on your computer is now possible and pretty simple. As a result, organizations can now benefit from a more reliable way to send documents. Moreover, you don’t need to have fax machines to send your faxes, and you can send them from anywhere through the cloud-based service. 

Look for a convenient method for you and the recipient in terms of costs and start faxing. 

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