How To Generate App Ideas For Your Business

Mobile phones sit in the pockets of most, if not all, business users and the target audience of those businesses. With over 14.1 billion smartphone users globally, it makes sense to put your business into their pockets and everyday lives!

The best way to do this is by creating an app to benefit them. But it’s not that simple. Mobile apps and websites so saturate the market with valuable tools and services; what should your app do? How do you create an app without reinventing the wheel?

A company app can also attract new customers within the same industry to your business. Depending on your business strengths, building an app that can help your customers engage with you or their job could be the difference between an engaged customer and a disengaged customer.

Our top tips can help increase customer engagement and give your business authority within your field. 

Ask What Your Customers Need?

Your company provides products and services to a variety of customers already. You can use that customer base to ask your customers what they need. 

Through customer surveys, discussions with their account managers, or other customer engagement tactics, ask for their feedback on your performance and your products and services and see where an app could benefit them. 

Examples: They could ask for a more accessible place to manage their account or a way of tracking their orders and pairing them with deliveries.

Look For Problems To Solve

Using your customer base in a slightly different way, you can look at how they work, their patterns, and problems that are regularly reported. Use this information to create an app to solve that problem for them.

By solving a problem for your customer without asking, you may find their trust in you increases and your contact with users outside your current customer base increases. Solving that problem shows you understand their struggles in the industry and that you’re working on helping them. Depending on the idea, engagement with your brand without realizing it (spirit level app, BMI tracker, document ID generator) could improve your customer numbers in the future.

Examples: If you are in a trade industry, your customer could use a quick order app or an app that could use a photo to identify a required part to order. If in a helpdesk environment, an easy ticket tracking method via their mobile phone or an SLA reporting tool.

Speak To An Expert

Finally, speak to an expert in this field. App development companies work in this field daily, generating ideas for businesses in all industries.

They’ll be able to provide you with an insight into your industry’s most popular apps and services within the relevant app stores and let you know how your app should be designed to resonate with your customer base. Not only that, they’ll have advice on how to promote it.

Before starting your app development journey, take some time to speak to an expert to create the perfect app for your customer base. 

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