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GimKit – Play Powerful Game – Classroom Learning and Teaching

The 20th century has revolutionized everything, including learning and teaching strategies. As a result of this digital revolution, traditional modes of learning and teaching have turned into digital ones. In this modern world, there are numerous online resources teachers and students can use to excel in their areas, and Gimkit is one of them.

Gimkit is an astonishing digital educational resource designed by students for students to get good grades in courses. Josh Feinsilber co-founded this superb application; he created it as a high school project in 2017. Gimkit is an amazing quiz-learning game that requires knowledge and strategies to win.

GimKit - A Powerful Game Show for Classrooms - Learning and Teaching

This splendid application is based on collaboration, as the students in a classroom need to collaborate to succeed in their studies. It is simple to create a quiz on it; you will need to sign up by creating “kits”. Kits are live learning games you can make on any topic in any language. 

What is Gimkit?

Gimkit is an excellent game-based learning application, just like Kahoot. ( you may access Kahoot by visiting kahoot.it. This application was created by a student, Josh Feinsilber, as a high school project. He believes that game-based learning is crucial for students. You can make customized quizzes on any topic or import a quiz from any other website. It is also possible to modify a test already available on the Gimkit website by adding further questions. 

This application is not only for students but has also facilitated teachers by enabling them to create unique quizzes for their classes to get them to prepare for exams. Teachers can also quickly assess students, accessing all student’s results with a click.

You don’t have to pay a penny to access all these principal features. You can access Gimkit by signing up at their official website: gimkit.com. As an instructor, you can create unlimited quizzes on any subject in any language and assess your students. Another astonishing feature of this application that can boost your interest is that you can earn money by solving quizzes aligned with your strengths. You can track your earnings on the dashboard.

You will need background knowledge of the subject to win a specific quiz and earn. You will level up when you solve more quizzes; each time you level up, you make 100 Gimbucks. You can use the earned money to purchase upgrades and power-ups in the Gimkit item shop. Millions of combinations are available for purchase to enhance students’ strength in their specific areas. But be very careful, as submitting an incorrect answer will cost you your hard-earned money. 

Gimkit can be a great companion for instructors, as it can help them introduce new concepts and review hard-core concepts quickly and effectively. You can also import a CSV file to create a quiz and share it with your students; students can view and submit answers from their electronic devices. The free version allows you to create only three kits or quizzes. Gimkit is just like Kahoot and Quizlet, with some extended features neither has.

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GimKit Live – A Creative Idea

GimKit Live can enhance the traditional environment of your classroom into an enjoyable and mesmerizing environment that students love. Its use in the school will help you create a strong bond with your students by enabling you to introduce hard-core concepts of any subject via a game (quiz). There is no rocket science to get started on it. 

Students will always be energized while solving quizzes on it as the interface of Gimkit is interactive and engaging. There are numerous ways to create quizzes on it, i.e., you can modify existing quizzes or import questions from other flashcard platforms or spreadsheets. You can assign homework to students using the assignment feature, and Gimkit will grade it. 

The KitCollab feature allows students to add questions in seconds, enabling you to create a quiz with students’ contributions within no time. Using Gimkit, you will no longer need to spend hours creating an interactive lesson. Two versions of Gimkit applications are available on the Play Store; one is free with fewer features enabled, and the other is paid, offering extended features. 

You can also conduct a review session for your class using Gimkit Live, as it allows you to repeat games and students to submit answers more than once. All these things enable students to master the subject’s skills in a fun way.

Free Account

gimkit login page

As a high school student who designed this application, he understands that all students cannot afford an expensive educational resource. So, the official website also offers a free version with fewer but all core features. With a free Gimkit account, you can create only a few kits.

Premium Account

The premium account offers numerous unique features, including creating unlimited kits anytime, paying annually or monthly, and many discounts. Whenever you start making a quiz, the application will allow you to create a custom quiz, search others’ quizzes and edit them, import it from Quizlet, or add a CSV file.

GimKit Play

gimkit sign up page

Assessment is a complicated and crucial part of every instructor’s job, and Gimkit has made this task difficult at a click’s pace. Instructors can create a thoughtful quiz on any subject, project it in front of students using a whiteboard, and engage students in discussion. This will allow you to understand at what points you must focus more during lecture delivery.

It is a game-based learning show; you need background knowledge, patience, passion, and strategies to win it.


Once the teacher shares the quiz with students, they can submit answers at their own pace using their electronic devices. Questions can be repeated repeatedly so that students can master the concepts of the subject.


Each question has a value, and students can earn it by submitting a correct answer. On the other hand, if you submit a wrong answer, it will cost you your hard-earned money.


With the Gimbucks, you earn by submitting correct answers to the questions, and students can purchase power-ups to master their subjects.

gimkit pricing

Powerful Data

After a quiz is completed, Gimkit automatically generates a report on each student’s progress in the class. With the help of this robust data, you can closely analyze what areas of the syllabus students should focus on, which students are doing best, and which are lazy.


The Gimkit application is versatile as it allows you to assign homework using its assignment feature, besides conducting a live quiz. Students can see questions on their devices and will solve them at their own pace at home. Gimkit will grade students’ homework automatically.


This fantastic feature of the Gimkit allows students to contribute to game or quiz creation. Students can add questions to the quiz so that the instructor can create a quiz in no time.

What is the Gimkit school library?

The dashboard of Gimkit offers another fantastic feature, the “Gimkit School Library.” You can find unlimited kits on any subject or topic other instructors make. This great feature is easy to use and supplies you with all the kits made by different instructors.

Gimkit Alternatives

  1. Padlet

Padlet is an incredible digital platform for creating presentations and quizzes and preparing lessons worldwide. Nitesh Goel is the CEO of this fabulous application; the inspiration behind this application is a noticeboard. You can create thoughtful, splendid posts and share them with others.

It is used all over the world by people of every field and every age group. Students, teachers, and professionals can use it to create content and collaborate positively. You can upload audio, video, and images to create a superb post. The post you create is known as “padlet.” You can create a padlet easily by clicking the “make a padlet” button on the top of the dashboard.

You can enjoy the basic version of this application free of charge, but it is limited and doesn’t offer all the core features. However, you can avail of all the core features by paying a small amount of $8 per month. With the premium version, you can create unlimited padlets and enjoy this application’s versatility. 

  1. Classtime

Classtime is an online application that assists instructors and educators in employing the best teaching strategies and teach effectively. Using class time, you can keep the students engaged, give them the best class perspective, and address the students’ misconceptions.

Valentin Ruest is the CEO of this application, and he created it in 2016 to help teachers teach in a better way. Using Classtime’s extensive features, teachers can assess students better and help them where they need it to perform better.

You can create customized quizzes and leverage more than 50,000 curriculum-aligned questions. You can create different questions, including multiple-choice questions, checkboxes, true or false, free text answers, and essays. The editor of ClassTime supports LaTex, so you can create math and science quizzes without hassle. 

  1. Acadly

Acadly is a fabulous classroom response system with multiple core features that develop students’ engagement in the class. Its learning environment is splendid, as you can use it to teach online courses (powered by Zoom), in-person learning, and hybrid learning.

This excellent application lets you share live activities and engage remote students. You can create quizzes, polls, and word clouds to give students a better understanding of the core concepts.

Using this fantastic application, you can engage even those students with studies who are not interested in the classroom. 400+ American universities use Acadly to engage students in their studies, which shows that it is a trustworthy application.

  1. Kidz A-Z

Kidz A-Z is an online learning platform with millions of online learning resources. These resources are available free of cost at their official website: https://kida-z.com. The instructors also use it to create interactive lessons and assignments and track each student’s progress without any effort. Its interface is kid-friendly and provides you with engaging learning resources for kids.

Kidz A-Z is also mobile-friendly; you can access all its features on your mobile phone. Instructors who use this fabulous application find it very easy to introduce new concepts in the classroom. They can also assign assignments to the students. Kidz A-Z saves the instructor’s time by grading assignments and generating an assessment report for the whole class. 

  1. Quiver

Quiver is an online educational application with incredible features and a superb interface that can turn the boredom of teaching and learning into fun. This magnificent application combines augmented reality technology with educational coloring pages, giving you an exceptional and engaging experience.

Quivervision owns Quiver, and after its success, they continued to work in the education field. They introduced “Quiver Education”, which allows you to enjoy a wonderful experience by converting your coloring pages into interactive and engaging AR experiences.

  1. Course Hero

Course Hero is an online learning and teaching platform founded by Andrew Grauer. With this astonishing application, you can teach and learn any subject in any language. If you are a subject matter expert, you can use Course Hero to teach the rest of the world and earn money for it. It is easy to sign up as a subject matter expert; they demand your educational certificates, passports, and NIC to ensure that they are hiring a real person. 

Students submit their questions (on any subject) to get help with their assignments, quizzes, and homework. When you open the app, you will find questions on different topics (which you select while signing up) with price tags. It would be best if you only accepted that question about which you were sure how to solve it perfectly. Submitting the wrong answer will result in a permanent ban on your profile on Course Hero. 

You will get money if you submit the correct answer and students accept it or leave it without any review. You can withdraw your hard-earned money through a PayPal account. Overall, this is a fantastic platform to learn and teach at your own pace.

  1. Quizlet – Teachers Can Host Quizzes through it

Quizlet is an American company founded by Andrew Sutherland that supplies educational resources to students and teachers. It is the most popular educational application among students, with over 60 million active monthly users having flashcards, matching games, and practice electronic assessments.

The basic plan of this application is free; however, you can get a subscription to its premium version, Quizlet Plus. You can quickly search for flashcards made by others to learn a specific topic. Quizlet helps you prepare for the exam by using its educational resources, flashcards (cards bearing information on both sides), quizzes, matching questions, and learn mode. 

Teachers can use this platform to conduct a live session for their classes, which they can join using a unique PIN provided by the host teacher. The teacher split the students into teams, and they tried to compete with each other by giving correct answers to 12 questions.

An astonishing thing about this platform is that it has hundreds of thousands of textbooks, so you can access these books anytime and take advantage. Kidz A-Z also assures the security of students’ and teachers’ login credentials. It also motivates the students to study harder by giving them stars for completing assignments and homework. 

  1. Brainscape

Brainscape is a splendid online platform to find or make flashcards on any topic. This superb application allows you to master any topic or subject, as its interface is designed to repeat questions from different perspectives.

Brainscape is not only trusted by students and teachers, but it has gained the trust of millions of people working in different fields, whether they are doctors, lawyers, travelers, or nurses. Many corporate companies use it to train their employees for the better growth of their businesses.

  1.  Kahoot

It is an online educational game-based application. It allows you to create customized quizzes or games or reuse existing quizzes to help your students learn new concepts effectively. It has millions of quizzes on any subject in any language.

Use of this fantastic application can transform the environment of your classroom from traditional to digital. You can introduce new concepts of any core subject to your child via a funny game. Each quiz you create is known as Kahoot. Kahoot family apps have many applications specially designed to teach mathematics to kids.

As an instructor, you can host a game by adding your students as participants and helping them review the syllabus. Students will join the game by entering a unique PIN provided to them by their host. They can access it by entering the gimkit join code.

gimkit join code

After the quiz, Kahoot will grade the quiz, and you will have a detailed report of every student’s progress. So, it has made the assessment procedure easy and fast.

  1. Exam Soft

ExamSoft is software that schools, colleges, universities, industries, and government institutes use worldwide to conduct online exams. Two Bar exam candidates found it to conduct high-stakes exams in a better way.

Creating, taking, and grading exams using this outstanding platform is simple. It is the best assessment tool for educational institutes and industries to conduct certification exams. ExamSoft was acquired by Turtin in 2020 and reached new heights of success.

  1. Crowdpurr

Crowdpurr is an online magical platform that enables you to conduct live, virtual, and hybrid events joyfully. It is the most feature-rich, cost-effective, cloud-based, and audience engagement platform, whose basic version you can use for free. 

Whether you are having a business meeting, a social fun-raiser event, classwork, or a large presentation format, login to crowdpurr and win at everything. Choose from voting and polls, social media walls, live trivia, and many other fun experiences. Once you click Create, you will see a dashboard where you can type in the question you want to ask your audience and its possible answers. You can also upload custom brand images and use other advanced features.

You can add participants and analyze every participant’s progress at the end of the event. It is also possible to export the entire event to a spreadsheet. You can also explore participant rankings on your screen.


What is the difference between the Gimkit free and paid versions?

The free version of Gimkit allows you to create only. On the other hand, the paid version allows you to create, play, and share unlimited kahoots anytime.

Can you play Gimkit without paying?

Yes! You can play Gimkit for free, but only a few times. To play Gimkit unlimited times, you must get a subscription for a few dollars.

How can I join Gimkit without a code?

Yes! Using the instant-join feature, playing Gimkit games without entering a code is possible. You will need to visit the official website of Gimkit: https://www.gimkit.com/play. You can use the instant-join option only if you have a class with students.

Can you play Gimkit by yourself as a student? 

The “Assignment” feature of the Gimkit allows students to play its games independently from anywhere. The assignment feature is available only to members who have purchased a subscription.

Is Gimkit good for kids?

Gimkit is a game-based, versatile, and up-to-date application. It is suitable for kids to use it not only in classrooms but also in homes.

What is the hidden mode in the Gimkit?

Gimkit leaderboards don’t show the students’ names, so no one knows where the other person ranks. This thing motivates students to do their best in their studies.


Gimkit is a game-based learning application that offers extensive core features to students and teachers. As a student, you can master any subject in any language by consuming the content available on this application in the form of quizzes, true and false, polls, essays, and matching questions. You can access its basic plan for free, but it charges you for the premium plan.

As an instructor, you can create quizzes on any subject and share them with your students. Students can answer questions on their electronic devices, and Gimkit will grade the quizzes automatically. You can access quizzes made by other teachers at your school in the Gimkit school library. The KitCollab feature allows teachers to add questions to the quiz. So, Gmkit is an exceptionally good educational application for students and teachers. Teachers are loving gimkit around the world. Have a look at this tweet:

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