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Kahoot.it – An Exceptional Educational Resource for Students and Teachers


Learning is an activity that takes place not only in classrooms but also in offices and markets. It has been the dream of many people to make the learning process easy and smooth so that everyone can enjoy it.

Kahoot has turned that dream into reality by allowing people to create and play learning games in minutes. It was released in 2013 with the aim to make teaching and learning fun. It allows you to develop a learning module that enhances a child’s curiosity and creates an interest in that subject. Its user interface is child-friendly and builds a child’s confidence and knowledge.

Kahoot unleashes the fun in classrooms and assists the instructor in teaching students new concepts effectively. It presents the students with multiple-choice questions on a particular topic. It allows you to add videos and images to spark the student’s interest.

Kahoot is a fantastic learning platform that enables instructors to create customized student quizzes. It also has hundreds of thousands of existing quizzes that instructors can use to assess students.

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What is Kahoot.it!

Kahoot it Play Quiz Game and Join

Kahoot! It is a modern online tool that works as a learning booster for students. Instructors can create games in it called Kahoots. Each quiz can have any number of questions in it. Each question has four multiple-choice choices as its possible responses.

But there are a few restrictions for each question, i.e., no question can have more than 95 characters and can only be displayed for 5 seconds to 2 minutes. Each question has specific points a student can attain by submitting the correct response.

Students can access and solve the quizzes on their laptops or phones created by their instructor, as they only need to create a unique username. Students can use that username to access Kahoot for the whole academic year and can also track their progress. It makes the assessment procedure very easy, as the instructor can track the progress of every student on the portal anytime in a few seconds.

It has 93 qualitative and quantitative studies with a main focus on student learning, and classroom dynamics. Overall it’s a fabulous application with a few restrictions, time limits to submit the answers, hard-to-read questions and answers on the project screen, and not being able to edit the answer if the wrong answer is submitted.

How can I Get Kahoot for the Classrooms?

One of the best things about it is that you can access it free of charge and have a fantastic learning experience. You must visit https://getkahoot.com and sign up by providing your role, institution, username, email, and password.

It gives students an outstanding learning experience in any subject by supplying them with repetitive but fresh and fun content. It has millions of ready-to-use resources, so you must clarify whether you want to create a new quiz or reuse an existing one on a particular topic. It is possible to create a new quiz or edit an existing one by adding further questions. It also provides you with the option to keep it private or public.

How does Kahoot! Work?


It is a fabulous learning platform on which you can create a game based on learning a specific topic. Its mesmerizing, up-to-date interface enables you to create a game on any topic in any language in a few minutes.

kahoot different modes

Host Or Share

It provides both facilities to create a quiz or game that students will solve individually or in small groups. However, the fun of Kahoots lies in solving it in small groups.


These can be solved individually, but solving them in a small group is the real fun. As a game host, you will need a big screen to watch the answers given by the participants, which they will provide from their own electronic devices. If you are a game participant, you will be provided with a unique pin to join the game by the host.

How Can I Teach with Kahoot?

It has made the lives of educators and instructors easy by providing them with the facility to turn the hardcore concepts of any subject into a game. Nowadays, teaching and learning are fun. You don’t need to make a new quiz every time; if you are having a short time and want to make a thoughtful quiz for your students, the good news is that Kahoot has millions of quizzes on any subject from any world.

Enhancing your pedagogical skills by using the team mode is also possible. So, it also polishes your professional skills. You can also make a quiz before the class and ask the students to solve it. After assessing the quiz results, you will know the topic points on which you have to focus more while teaching in live class.

It can also help the student learn new terminologies and definitions related to any subject. Its modern interface allows you to create games consisting of multiple-choice questions, polls, and true-false questions. All these things enhance the student’s interest in the subject and will enable them to understand the subject’s core concepts besides memorizing them.

As an instructor, you can help your students prepare for an upcoming exam by engaging them in a live review session. You can also repeat the game multiple times to clear up the confusion of your students and help them excel in exams.

Is Kahoot suitable for learning?

The great thing that we can admire about it is that it provides you with a splendid learning and teaching experience. Its user interface, either for teachers or students, is beyond the traditional mode of teaching and learning.

Allowing the instructor to add images, videos, slides, polls, and surveys takes the student’s learning experience to another level. More options are available in the premium version, which you can avail of at a cost of a few dollars.

Turn Screen Time Into Social Learning Time

This app gives a beautiful learning experience to people of any age group, whether school, college, or university students. You can also use it for your toddler. It has a lot of games that childhood learning experts carefully craft.

The best way to give your child the best experience with this app is to let them explore the ready-to-use games. Observe them to know their interests while they develop skills across subjects. You can play thoughtful learning games together and celebrate achievements with them.

Kahoot Is A Home-School For Your Child

Utilizing this superb app effectively for your child’s learning will create a win-win situation. These games are designed in such a mesmerizing way that they boost your kid’s learning experience. It helps them develop literacy, numeracy, social-emotional, and cognitive skills.

Using other apps in the Kahoots family, you can help them understand and memorize many core concepts quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Game-based learning allows them to use their thinking skills in different contexts.

Kahoot Family Apps

Kahoot! Multiplication by DragonBox

It seems complicated for children to memorize timetables, but you can make it fun using the excellent “Kahoot! Multiplication by BragonBox: Let your child explore this splendid app and watch them do wonders in their homework and exams.

Kahoot! Numbers By DragonBox

Many kids fear doing mathematics homework because they don’t understand its core concepts. You can save your child from this fear of doing mathematics by introducing them to the ideas of mathematics in a funny way, not the traditional one that ruined the interest of many students.

Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox is a fantastic app to introduce your infant to numbers. It enables you to help them learn the numbers and stories behind them through fun activities. In this way, your child wouldn’t fear mathematics, but they would love to solve mathematical problems.

Kahoot! Big Numbers By DragonBox

Infants would need help understanding the concepts of addition and subtraction at first. But you can turn this chore into a captivating and incredible game experience using this excellent application. It will assist your child to learn these concepts effectively via funny games.

Kahoot! Learn to Be Ready By Poio

This outstanding application, “Kahoot! Learn to Read by Poio”, designed for young kids, entices their curiosity to read. It assists them in reading on their own by giving them a glimpse of the immersive game experience. It gives your child 100% toxic-free content, ads, in-purchase, and other disturbances.

This mesmerizing game adapts to every learner’s level and takes them on a fantastic reading journey step-by-step. It first introduces them with letters and then longer words. You can enjoy quality screen time together and keep track of their progress through emails from the application’s management.

Kahoot! Algebra BY DragonBox

 DragonBox is a company by Kahoot that has won many awards for launching multiple educational apps to help kids learn mathematics and other fundamental subjects via game-based activities.

It has plenty of colorful and engaging math games for preschool kids. It covers crucial concepts and makes it fun to learn them via games and quizzes.

Kahoot! Algebra 2 By Dragonbox

What can be better than supplying your kid with a digital environment where they can learn mathematics concepts independently? This excellent application is full of cool mathematics games, providing them with a unique and interactive environment.

Kahoot! Geometry By DragonBox

This remarkable application is designed in such a fantastic way that your kid will learn geometry without working hard. It would take your child to the exciting and splendid world of shapes and teach them amazing facts about them through games.

Kahoot! Learn Chess By DragonBox

This marvelous application assists your child in learning chess and mastering its skills. Anyone can use this wonderful application to master chess, and it is specially designed for kids aged 5+.

Kahoot Alternatives

Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of people are working online to supply the world with excellent digital products to make it a better place to live. So, many alternatives to Kahoot are available online. Some of the best options to Kahoot are Acadly, Hapara, Quizalize, Quizlet, and Kids A-Z.

Kahoot Popularity Across the World

It is one of the best and most popular educational applications across the world, known for its amazing interface, excellent content on every topic, useability, and ready-to-use resources. It has 70 million active unique users across the world. Studies have shown that its use in class leaves a positive impact on the student’s performances in exams, engages them in class discussion, and finally reduces their anxiety about studies.

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Is the Kahoot game free?

Yes! It is free to create, play, share, and host games on Kahoot. You can also practice your course content on it to prepare for your exam.

Where can I play Kahoot?

You can access it on the official website, kahoot.com. Visit it, create a unique username, and get a glimpse of a game-based learning experience.

Is Kahoot appropriate for kids?

Yes! It is appropriate for people of every age. It also assures you that you will provide your kids with a unique, interactive, engaging, 100% safe, and ad-free digital environment.

How to play a live Kahoot?

You can play Kahoot! Game with your friends by joining them via a unique pin provided by the host of the game. You can access it on your internet-connected devices.

Is Kahoot good or bad?

It is a superb application that provides you with a magnificent learning environment. You can learn any subject in any language at any time. So, Kahoot is a fantastic application.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can be better than learning something through games, as you will no longer need to memorize it, but it will stay in your memory for a long time. Kahoot is an outstanding online learning platform that is game-based and allows you to learn any subject in any language. It entices your child’s curiosity and provides an excellent, engaging, interactive environment to learn and apply what they know.

It has made students’ lives easy and facilitated the educators and instructors by making the assessment procedure easy. DragonBox is a company by Kahoot that launched multiple applications, including Kahoot! Multiplication by DragonBox, Kahoot! Numbers by Dragonbox and Kahoot Big Numbers DragonBox, Kahoot! Algebra 2 by DragonBox, Kahoot! Learn chess with DragonBox and Kahoot! Geometry by DragonBox

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Meet David Fenton, the driving force behind Tech Spotty. As the founder and chief content architect, David dives into the world of technology, business, gaming, guides, and problem-solving solutions with unwavering passion and expertise. Additionally, he loves to listen to music every time no matter if he's working or traveling. Tech Spotty isn't just a platform; it's a curated space where David translates complex tech trends into engaging narratives. Whether you seek the latest in gadgets, business insights, immersive gaming experiences, or practical solutions, Tech Spotty is your go-to compass. Join David Fenton on a journey where every click unveils a new dimension of tech brilliance, business acumen, and gaming delight. Welcome to Tech Spotty, where David Fenton turns the spotlight on all things tech and beyond.