10 Legendary Games Ever Released on PS2

The launch of the PlayStation 2 has become a real historical event, which in the current reality is very difficult to imagine. Still, one can draw parallels with the present: there is not a very impressive lineup of games at launch and crazy queues at stores before going on sale.

The PS2 proved to be the most successful home console ever in the video game market, but its 155 million units sold were driven by adventurism, ingenuity, and immense effort. At the beginning of its journey in the gaming field, Sony was brutally betrayed by Nintendo, which did not want to have competitors in the market, but the current management of the company managed to cope with all the difficulties and release the first PlayStation as everyone knows and remembers it.

Let’s talk about the 10 titles PS2 gave the world. If you miss those times, there is a great possibility to remember how great old-school games are using PS2 ISO download. Perhaps now is the right time to spend several evenings playing God of War, Final Fantasy X, and more.

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1. Grand Theft Auto Trilogy

Grand Theft Auto became one of the most successful series, which turned out to be the face of the gaming industry for people with little connection to this very industry. All the main games in the series that came out in this console generation take first place in the lists of the best-selling games on the PlayStation 2 and it is rather difficult to separate the third part, Vice City and San Andreas because, in essence, they are quite similar games.

2. Devil May Cry 3

The developers at Capcom had to release two games before bringing the slasher formula to the level that is considered the quality standard to this day. Dante’s Awakening was driving, moderately hardcore, and disproportionately stylish in a variety of ways, from enemy design to spectacular in-game cinematography.

3. Silent Hill 2

While Capcom was rethinking their Resident Evil, the developers from Team Silent did not sit still and released Silent Hill 2 by the second half of 2001, which frightened not by screamers or violent scenes, but by an inducing atmosphere and an all-consuming fear from realizing what the protagonists and a player went through.

4. Ratchet & Clank

Having lost Crash, both its mascot and a popular series of platformers, Sony had to urgently look for a replacement for the red-haired Bandicoot, and Insomniac Games helped it in this, as they also parted from the dragon Spyro due to licensing troubles.

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5. Metal Gear Solid 3

You could play this game as you wish: as a fearless hero of action movies of the 80s, as an exemplary spy from classic Bond, or as a hidden agent with a barcode on the back of his head – it doesn’t matter which of these paths you choose because due to the high degree of trust in the player from the game designers and the large number of options provided by the game, your passage will be accompanied by a feeling of satisfaction from completing the tasks set by you and the game itself.

6. God of War

One glimpse of Sony’s new course in making games for an older audience is the God of War series. Rethinking ancient Greek myths in a brutal setting, your own vision of the pantheon of gods, and, of course, furious action allowed Santa Monica Studio’s slasher to enter the lists of the best exclusives in the PlayStation 2 game library.

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7. Shadow of the Colossus

For its time, Fumito Ueda’s project was a kind of revelation for the entire industry, due to its innovative solutions in game design and the way the game communicates with the player. They set a goal in front of you, give you a horse, sword, bow, and arrows, after which they send you to kill 16 huge colossi in order to save your beloved.

8. Tekken 5

While Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat fought each other in 2D, the Tekken series was originally in 3D space and never thought about experimenting with the original formula, only complementing and improving the already finished fighting game model.

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9. Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is not without fun. The plot is interesting, each new world is full of unusual heroes with their own problems, the combat system, although ridiculously simple, does not allow you to get bored before the final.

10. Persona 3

By harmoniously adding a social part to the already time-tested Shin Megami Tensei formula, starting with the third part, Persona finally left its progenitor, becoming an independent JRPG, in which you have to experience a full routine of school life during the day, and get out into the other world at night to protect your own.

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