How To Gain Followers On TikTok

TikTok is shaping up as a force to be reckoned with in 2021. The numbers alone tell an astonishing story, with TikTok’s user count skyrocketing in the years since its inception way back in 2016. It’s unlikely that TikTok is going to fall from grace anytime soon; although social media often runs in cycles, TikTok is immensely popular among the younger generations, so it’s got legs yet.

If you’re a TikToker looking to build yourself a following, it might seem insurmountable, especially with such fierce competition. However, you might be surprised to learn that it’s not as hard as you might think. Sure, you’re going to need a little luck to truly become established on TikTok, but with some hard work, you can build yourself a following. Here’s how you can gain followers on TikTok.

Think about using a TikTok follower service

With so much competition surrounding TikTok influencer culture, breaking into the app can feel overwhelmingly difficult. That’s where we’d recommend using a TikTok follower service. Such a service can help you to get free TikTok followers without having to put your nose to the grindstone for an excessive amount of time. Make sure you opt for a service that provides organic, natural followers, though; bots won’t help you in any way and will possibly even be detrimental to your TikTok brand.

Focus on improving your content

Content is at the heart of every influencer’s strategy. Ask any social media influencer what they did to become famous and they’ll tell you that they leveled up their approach to creating content. In the end, your content is what will draw people to your TikTok profile, so you need to make sure it’s high quality. That means good editing, a focus on current topics, and ensuring the videos are hitting as many trends and hashtags as possible. Otherwise, you simply won’t be visible to new followers.

Post at the right times of day

Post frequency and timing are incredibly important if you want to build a TikTok following. You need to maximize exposure as much as possible, which means identifying when the most people are online and posting so they can see your video. The best times to post vary from place to place and from day to day, so make sure you read up on when the most people are on TikTok in your chosen demographic and how you can use that to your advantage!

Integrate your other social media platforms

If you’re lucky enough to already be established on other platforms like Twitter or Instagram, you can have those platforms pick up some of the TikTok work for you. TikTok has built-in social media integration tools that you can use to link your profiles together, allowing people to see the content you post on either platform. This means that followers you already have on Twitter or Instagram can see you have a TikTok presence as well and become your follower on TikTok.

Get on trends and hashtags

The core of TikTok culture is all about trends and hashtags. That’s also true for other social media, but more than any other platform, TikTok is ephemeral. That means jumping on trends while they’re around, then swiftly moving onto the next trend. Always keep an eye on which TikTok hashtags are popular and make sure your content is keeping up with those trends. You don’t have to sacrifice your unique personality or creative approach; just make sure you’re hitting those trends.

Identify your demographic and make content for them

Not everyone will have the same audience waiting for them on TikTok. While the user base for the app is overwhelming of a certain age group, all TikTok users aren’t created the same, so your demographic may be totally different. Think about the kind of content you create and do some market research. What kind of person usually consumes that content? That’s your target audience, so make sure that your content is tailored for that audience and you’re bound to build followers.

Don’t delete videos, however tempted you might be

If you just delete videos when you think they’re not doing well, you’re passing up on a huge opportunity. There’s no downside to keeping videos around on your profile (unless, of course, they express retrograde ideas you want to distance yourself from), and you never know what might blow up overnight, so you should keep all the videos you’ve made. Who knows – maybe that one idea you didn’t think would gain any traction will be what makes you TikTok famous!

Use Stitch and Duet

TikTok comes complete with built-in tools to allow you to collaborate with other users. Stitch lets you add content to someone else’s video, while Duet allows you to create something alongside their original content. Use both of these features as often as you can. If a user has allowed their video to be Stitched or Duetted, it’s clear they want to get collaborations on it, so you can build your follower count by appealing to their followers and adding to their content.

Never give up

A broad tip for gaining followers on any platform, not just TikTok, is never to give up. Occasionally, it might feel like you’re hammering away at the coal face without any kind of reward, but social media can be a slow burn, and sometimes success comes unexpectedly. Keep making your content, keep doing what you’re doing, and stay true to your style, and you’ll start gaining followers on TikTok before you know it. After all, you’ll never get followers if you quit, right?    

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