A Weak VPN Could Be More Destructive Than No VPN

We can all agree that our digital privacy depends on internet security. Whenever it comes to cybersecurity, we often think we’re doing everything right. Still, there’s always that tiny chance that we could be exposing ourselves to greater risk. How so?

Let’s say that you’ve decided to use a VPN as part of your cybersecurity package. While this is a smart option for many people worldwide, the type of VPN you use has an even more considerable significance for your privacy.

In other words, using a weak VPN can actually make matters worse for you than using no VPN at all.

Why is it worse?

In light of the recent increase in cyber-attacks, more and more people are grasping the significance of online safety and privacy. However, there are always those who remain indifferent to the topic and fail to take the necessary steps to keep themselves safe online. It’s best not to stay indifferent!

While you might think that covering basic privacy measures will do wonders for you, it’s not enough. Neglecting to update your firewalls or, worse, selecting a weak VPN just for its sake can backfire. Not all VPNs are created equal.

Why are free and paid VPNs different?

Some people want to pay less money or none, meaning they usually go for a free option for any app. They do the same for VPNs. However, the word “free” attracts cybercriminals who always take advantage of people’s gullibility.

Experts claim that free VPNs are more dangerous than paid VPNs. On the other hand, marketing strategies claim that a free VPN does the job well or better than paid services. But, if you run an IT company where strong cyber security is needed, are you willing to risk it? Will you go for the weaker free option just because it won’t cost you? Or will you believe the marketing more than the experts?

You’ve found a free VPN that does not collect data and keeps adverts to a minimum. A free VPN service might limit the amount of data you can use, the speed at which you can use it, and the number of servers you can connect to before paying a subscription fee. Eventually, it runs a full circle, and you have to pay for it, but you lose time and energy.

Free VPNs can even compromise your privacy and security for money. While some people don’t mind such limitations, business owners who depend on cyber security cannot benefit from a service that doesn’t meet their needs. Virtual private networks should protect your data, not sell it to other companies.

Finally, using a weak VPN can also slow down your internet connection because of the encryption process. It will feel like using dial-up internet all over again. This can get on your nerves, especially if you want to stream videos or download torrents.

What to do?

Apart from ensuring that you stay completely private on the Internet, the best virtual private networks also provide protection against cyber threats and the ability to access geo-restricted websites. While getting all of this for free sounds thrilling, you can easily make the biggest mistake.

The problem is that maintaining a VPN service – which involves responsibilities such as administering a worldwide server network, providing customer support, and developing client apps, is not free.

This means that you’ll be paying with your time, information, or both, instead of money.

If you want to use a VPN service for casual use that provides brief protection, you can go with the free option. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it will hardly be beneficial when running a full-scale business. Be aware that your reputation will be ruined if you become susceptible to cyber-attacks.

A paid VPN guarantees that your session data will completely disappear anytime you disconnect from the Internet. Also, paid services don’t keep your data records or track your activity, unlike their free competitors.

Choosing the fastest VPN will ensure that you have a smooth browsing experience. Your privacy will be protected, and you’ll have access to additional security features.


Is it absolutely a terrible idea to use a weak VPN? No. It will serve you well for light use. But, always choose a paid service if you want to stay completely protected.

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