Complete Guide To Guest Posting For A Startup

When it comes to advertising your brand and promoting your brand identity, one of the cheapest ways is blogging. Blogs are the perfect source of information that people frequently refer to which is why incorporating your business value and identity in those blogs can be very helpful to your business. Especially when you are just starting out as a newborn startup, money is a very big constraint. Thus, entrepreneurs often find themselves stuck in the decision as to whether they should invest in advertising or not, which is exactly where blogging comes in handy as it is a very good way of advertising and promotional activities that needs little to no investment. 

However, when it comes to getting traffic, many people find themselves lagging despite having really good content. To generate organic traffic, the content needs to be optimized and should have an authority that comes from mentions and backlinks.  To do this and grab organic traffic, guest blogging or guest posting is one of the best outreach ideas. Guest blogging really helps in spreading the name and promoting the brand value of your business. As the blogs are spread across different platforms and shared by many people frequently, the brand identity reaches a massive audience. 

Startups can take the advantage of low or almost no investment-based advertising like blogging but as startups are relatively new, they tend to have limited audience and reach. There are many business blogs out there that accept good quality blogs and articles and through this, startups can reach a bigger audience and generate more and more traffic. Startups owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from contributing to such websites and effectively earn backlinks as such websites mostly allow at least one link to the contributor website. 

Starting anything from scratch can be confusing and overwhelming. Thus, in this article, we will discuss a tried and tested strategy to get started with this guest blogging business for a startup. 

01. List down your objectives 

The initial step of guest blogging for your startup should ideally include a list of objectives and goals of posting the blogs so that you get a clearer understanding of what exactly do you need and don’t get lost from the track halfway through. 

There are certain general goals that most bloggers try to achieve through guest blogging. So it’s best to know all of them so that you can understand which 2 or 3 of them align well with your business and brand strategy. Here are some of the general goals that your startup should be looking for; 

  • Boosting brand recognition: Increase the number of individuals who are aware of you and your brand.
  • Introducing yourself, your work, and your expertise: Increase the number of individuals who are aware of what you have to offer.
  • Demonstrating how you can assist your audience: Increase the number of individuals who understand how your knowledge, goods, or services may help them solve issues.
  • Increasing your social media presence: Increase the number of individuals who follow you or your brand on social media and connect with them.
  • Improving your search engine optimization: Obtain high-quality backlinks to aid your off-page SEO efforts.
  • Developing a reputation in the industry: To establish yourself as an industry authority, share your knowledge.
  • Increasing the number of visitors: Referral traffic might help you get more visitors to your website. 
  • Increasing the number of leads: Reach out to new audiences to get more and better leads. 

02. Using sites with a higher page authority as a target

Choosing websites with a high domain authority is undoubtedly more beneficial since they already have a fair number of followers that read their articles. They already have a well-established brand in their field, so if you can provide material that connects to your site, the viewers of that blog will almost certainly find it. Just ensure that the websites you are targeting or initially just planning to target come under your business niche and then you are good to go! 

03. Producing high-quality content 

The cornerstone of a successful guest blogging campaign is high-quality material. When it concerns the content that they select to put on their blogs, most sites and blogs have very high criteria. They already have a solid reputation to uphold, and they want to do so. When it comes to writing content, you should strive to come up with something new and original, and create something that will help you in the long run. It’s important to note that subjects that are repetitive have a greater possibility of being rejected because lets be real, no one wants to have keyword-stuffed cliche content on their site feature. 

04. Explore websites that publish guest articles from your competition

Don’t just look for guest blogging opportunities. To make actual competitive content, you should also research your competitors’ content on sites that publish them. You should investigate where your rivals are publishing their material to find out who they are and whether they are employing guest posting tactics. If they’ve already accepted material from your rivals, you have a good probability of getting your article posted.

05. Keep track of your progress

It’s only the beginning after your guest article is published. After your material has been released, it is critical to collect statistics and track the outcomes. You must determine how much and what type of traffic was directed to your website. You must also keep records of social shares and conversations, since this data may help you figure out which websites you can collaborate with some time in the future.

06. Spend some time reading the comments

Rather than continuing on to your next website and forgetting about the information you’ve previously written, you should periodically review past posts to see if any readers have left comments or have posed questions. Spend the time to reply to the feedback you’ve received. With time, this will increase your credibility as the post’s creator. You may also position yourself as the go-to expert for readers and viewers seeking further information.

07. Taking use of guest blogging services

As a startup, you have a lot on your mind, and guest writing may not be the most important item on your mind right now. That is why guest blogging services were developed; they take care of such details for you so you don’t have to waste time looking for appropriate sites, sending proposals, or generating material when you might be doing something else. All you have to do now is pay and ensure that everything goes as planned. You must select a dependable provider since poor-quality links might have a negative influence on your website due to penalties imposed by search engines.


However overwhelming it may seem, when done in an organized manner and in the proper way, guest posting can be one of the cheapest but effective and most feasible ways to boost your audience while promoting your own business. However, guest posting doesn’t mean an immediate boost; it takes time. So, being patient is recommendable. 

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