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 How to Start Streaming: Comprehensive Guide

Getting Twitch followers is one of the primary goals of the streamers on the platform. To start streaming, there is nothing much required but 4 basic elements. These are:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Streaming Software
  • Internet Connection

Apart from these, other streaming supplementary accessories will take your stream to the next level. You can add these accessories at a fraction of the cost to get great results. Once you go through this guide, you will be ready for the stream.


Don’t break the bank just to purchase a camera, as many economical ones on the market can be used to get the results. Initially, it is recommended to use the laptop webcam, and over time as you start gaining momentum switch to more powerful cams. Many websites present you with reviews of the best cams, so use the analysis to get the best for yourself.


You can compromise on camera quality in the beginning, but it is not recommended for a microphone. Use a decent stand microphone if you sit and stream, and a lav microphone if you move a lot. There are many microphones on Amazon to choose from. We highly recommended you to read the reviews of the microphones before deciding to purchase one.

Streaming Software

Here you have the option to go with the free software or paid one. OBS has the best value and is a good choice if you are a beginner. Other paid programs can be used and these provide you with additional options. Use a program that has a user-friendly interface and, in case you go with OBS, learn all the configurations completely.

Internet Connection

As streaming is a real-time event, your internet connection should be solid. Go with an internet provider that has highly positive reviews and great uptime. Also, consider the customer support responsiveness of the company before making a purchase. If you think your existing connection does not meet the requirements, change it as soon as possible to give the ultimate experience to your audience.

Platform to Choose

The four main platforms that are used for online streaming:

  • YouTube Live
  • Twitch
  • Facebook Live
  • Twitter Live

All these platforms will work at the very best if you have a following already, or you follow the tips by the pros. Make your stream stand out and before starting make some planning and choose a topic that you want to cover in a particular session.

Be Creative

You are presenting yourself in real-time to your audience, so be as creative as you can be. Be presentable to your audience, and it also includes the background of your video. Your video should look neat, so as you. For gamers, the level of creativity is a bit low as they have to concentrate on such a niche that requires them to be aggressive, but this is not the case with other niches. Use graphics, and it will make you look like you have already mastered the trade and know what is to be done.

Questions and Answers

Once you get the name for yourself, you can hold question and answer sessions to engage with your audience. To make it more engaging you can invite a guest with split-screen sharing to get more views and ultimately your fan following will increase with time.

Business Streaming

There are platforms that you can use to promote your business and services, and it includes Amazon and LinkedIn live-streaming services. To boost your sales, use these platforms, and you will get the results within no time. Make use of the tools that the platforms provide, and you will see a positive boost. 

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