The Positive Impacts Of Technology On Behavior

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The most discourse around the use of technology and the internet focuses on how they have negatively impacted our lives. For example, we are all aware that some tech usage can lead to anxiety or depression and that misinformation can spread like wildfire. 

But technology is neither wholly bad nor wholly good. So what are some positive impacts it has made? This article will discuss the positive impacts of technology and its influence on human behavior. 

Promotes Healthy Habits

Exercise trackers and other health apps have promoted a wide variety of positive, healthful behaviors. By educating themselves on nutrition and exercise, more people than ever before are making good choices to improve their physical health. 

Furthermore, telehealth has made it easier and cheaper to get essential health care. For example, people who once struggled to travel to the doctor’s office can now discuss many of their concerns through video messaging with their practitioner. This accessibility makes it easier for people to receive necessary care and keep their bodies healthy. 

Encourages Expression and Creativity

The internet now provides numerous opportunities to express ourselves and show off our creativity. It is easier than ever to gain an audience that appreciates and loves your artwork and skill. 

Before the explosion of the internet, artistic folks would have to find ways to show their work in person, such as in exhibits or galleries. These are incredibly difficult to get into, and only a small fraction find success this way. However, with social media and other platforms, artists can show off their work to millions of people without leaving their homes.

Provides Opportunities For Education

The internet has made it so much easier to learn about any subject in the world. Long gone are the days of utilizing an encyclopedia or a textbook for information. Not only does this help children, teens, and young adults in school, but the internet also provides ample resources for adults who want to learn a new subject or develop a skill. 

Furthermore, homeschooling and online classes have made education more accessible and affordable for those who either cannot travel to a physical school or struggle in traditional class settings. Many people have taken advantage of these new resources and have furthered their education and career. 

Connects Us To A Global Audience

Decades ago, the only way to learn about other cultures was to get information from the news, go out of your way to research the culture, know someone from that culture, or visit the country yourself. Now with just a few taps on your phone, you can find everything you want to know about people who live on the other side of the world. 

This has had overwhelmingly positive results. People across the globe are more connected than they ever have been. Friends that would probably never meet in person can talk to each other online. Many people are making friends and other connections with people who have many different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives than their own. 

Furthermore, learning about other cultures and peoples shows just how beautiful and diverse the Earth really is. But what’s even better is that the internet has also perfectly exhibited just how similar all humans are. Despite our race, language, or country, we all have the same essential needs and desires. This revelation has brought the world closer together than ever before and has greatly increased worldwide empathy.

Increases Opportunities For Socializing

As mentioned earlier, there are more opportunities than ever to connect with people all over the globe. This means that even people who live in small, isolated towns can find friends who live in other locations. You no longer have to settle for just a few options for friendship. Many people find friends online that they would not have met in person at all. 

More Discussion About Mental Health

Another great positive impact of technology is that it has promoted the importance of mental health. Thanks to easy access to education, mental health apps, and increased discussion on social media, more people are caring for their mental health than ever before. 

Like with telehealth, online counseling services make caring for your mental health easier and cheaper than ever before. Now access to therapists, mediation prescribed by a psychiatrist, and other treatment options are much easier to access. More people can take action to live a joyful life and treat their mental health conditions thanks to mental health technology. 

Bottom Line

Though sometimes it feels like technology has only made the world worse, the truth is that there are many positive impacts that we don’t always consider. With more opportunities for education, healthcare, and connection, the internet has greatly improved human behavior and the overall quality of life for millions of people. 

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