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iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR Comparison: Which Phone Should You Buy?

Apple recently released the successor of their iPhone XR, the iPhone 11. This year Apple did play better with their naming scheme. iPhone XR doesn’t sound as premium as iPhone 11 in my opinion. We are doing iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR comparison, so you can choose, where should you spend your money.

Last year, Apple changed the convention and announced a budget-friendly device (Kind of). They announced iPhone XR with their iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. iPhone XR was the most selling Apple device from last year’s offering. This year Apple gave their successor a more Premium name and the price is $699. Apple normally doesn’t decrease their prices but this year Apple finally did this. Success chances of iPhone 11 are very high as the price is concerned.

iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 Display

Displays of both phones are totally the same. Same 6.1 inches liquid retina display is shipping in iPhone 11. This is the exact same panel that Apple did put in iPhone XR.

Battery Timings

Apple improved its battery in iPhone 11. Although the battery timing of iPhone XR was already very Good, Still Apple increased it for one more hour. This battery timing is very impressive. This battery timing probably coming from the improved efficiency of their new A13 Bionic chip.

New A13 Bionic Chip

Apple was already leading the processing chip game and now Apple took more lead in that game. This chip is coming with the new third-generation Neural engine. This Bionic chip is 20% faster than its predecessor. This chip is more efficient than A12.

New Dual Cameras in iPhone 11

iPhone 11 upgrade their camera game than its predecessor. This year iPhone budget phone is coming with Dual rear-facing cameras. iPhone XR only has one rear-facing camera. 12MP wide-angle standard camera can be found on both phone but iPhone 11 has 1 ultra-wide-angle 12MP shooter. iPhone 11 Pro and Max variants have 1 extra telephoto lens.

Other Features Comparison

  • iPhone 11 has more color options than iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11 is more durable than its predecessor.
  • 256GB option is only available for iPhone 11.
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