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Are The MacBook Pro Fans Loud? 4 ways To Fix

Apple MacBooks are known to be extremely reliable, efficient, and quiet. Yet, sometimes after a lot of use, you may find your MacBook Pro’s fan whirring more than usual, causing a loud noise to be made whilst using it. In most cases, this isn’t a problem at all and it will go away with a simple restart of the laptop, however, if the laptop is continually making loud noises, below are a few fan noise reasons and how to fix it. 

Background Applications

When using your MacBook Pro, do you simply shut the lid once done with it? You aren’t alone, many users do. However, the more you do this, the more background applications will be running when you come back to using the laptop. The higher number of applications running, the more reliant the Macbook is on the fan to keep your laptop cool.

For this reason, it’s important to regularly close your programs once you are done using them. When you are done using your laptop it would also be advised to shut it down completely instead of putting it to sleep, that way your applications are already closed down ready for when you next use your Macbook Pro. You can also use a gaming laptop like Clevo Nh70 to avoid noise issues.

MacBook Pro fans loud

Don’t Block the Vents

The majority of Macbook Pro’s have air vents at the side of them, allowing airflow into the laptop to cool it down when being used. When working, try not to block these otherwise your laptop can overheat, which causes the loud noises that your fan makes. Most commonly, people use their laptop on their bed or use a pillow to prop it up. By doing this, they do not realize they are actually covering the vent which is then causing the fan to be loud. 

Check Your Vents For Dirt 

Following on from the above point, instead of the vents being blocked by your own use, it could be that the vents are being blocked by dirt. If blocked, air cannot flow freely which can negatively affect your laptop’s fan. To clean we recommend using a condensed air canister to slowly blow clean air into the vent, removing any dust or dirt that could be stuck inside. You can use a small brush to clean the vent’s opening but don’t use anything too strong otherwise you could cause damage. 

Free Up Space 

The more storage that is being used on your MacBook, the harder the laptop has to work to power everything, thus the fans being loud. Start by deleting anything that is no longer needed anymore, like your applications or saved documents. You could always use cloud storage to remove them from your computer but still have access to them. Also, look to delete your junk on your startup drive as this can save space without deleting anything important. 

What methods do you use when your fan is loud? Have you tried any of the methods above? Is there anything you would like to add to the above points? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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