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Why Do You Need A No-GST Invoice Template

If you are running a company and the owner of a business that has been registered under GST, it is essential that you provide a no GST-compliant invoice to your customers and clients. To whomsoever you are selling or providing your goods and the services, the GST invoices have to be sent to them. In fact, about 29% of the goods and services get invoiced in Australian dollars. It is also essential that the vendors who are in contact with your business send you GST complaint purchase invoices from time to time. So if you have less idea about how the GST invoice has to be made and the exact format you may need the help of an Australian no-GST invoice template.

While you will get this kind of template anywhere in the search engines, they might not be applicable in your case or completely correct. In that case, a tax invoicing company can help you out. It is also essential because there are many mandatory fields when you are trying to draft a GST invoice. Because the tax invoice is issued, the tax charge has to be paid and the input tax credit has to be passed on. So the Australian no GST invoice template should contain the following fields:

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1. The number and date of the invoice

When a GST invoice has to be made, give the details of the invoice number and the date when the service or product was first delivered. Rather, when it is delivered the second time or in continuation of rows, each time the invoice number and simultaneously the data has to be provided. So a separate invoice is sent to the customer and the supplier each time delivery or second service is provided.

2. Customer name

It is essential to fill in the name of the customer along with the name of the service provider and all the suppliers as well. There are situations where the receiver of the service order supply may change in accordance with the vendors of the other receiving party. In such situations, the name of the receiver along with the business holder has to be accounted for.

3. Billing and shipping address

If you do not have much idea about how to send the invoices in a particular manner you can take the help of the Australian no GST invoice template. Because there you will find how to send the GST invoices with the particular billing and shipping address in them. That’s because the person to whom you are sending the bill, their address has to be mentioned. Also, to the person who will be receiving the shipping charge, their address needs to be there on the form as well.

Along with all kinds of details, the details of the items that are being delivered or the services provided need to be described. It is also essential to know how much quantity of goods has been delivered or to be delivered. The services provided have to be set in a package with an ID and this number has to be there on the form. Lastly, the signature of the service provider or the supplier is provided.

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