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OnePlus 7T Series to be released on September 26

OnePlus tweeted on twitter that “The #OnePlus7TSeries is coming”. Today OnePlus gives us a final date of releasing their new flagship killer phones. Recently Apple and Samsung announced their flagship phones and these phones are pretty expensive. Oneplus don’t want their users to wait more, And they finally announcing Oneplus 7T series.

The event will start at 10:30 am Eastern time and 7:30 am Pacific time. Homepage of OnePlus has details of the event like 90-hertz display and the homepage says “90Hz display. Smooth like never before.” Last time only the OnePlus 7 Pro did get a higher refreshing rate display. This time we are expecting the non-Pro version to be released with the 90Hz display.

OnePlus 7T series is rumored to be coming with the Tripple camera setup and ready to join the club of Tripple camera team. Recently Apple and Samsung also join this category of phones. Both of these phones include the new wide-angle camera and possibly OnePlus will also be including a wide-angle camera in their smartphone.

Other than that the invitation to the event didn’t reveal much about the phone. But finger-crossed for the full-screen setup in the non-Pro version.

Oneplus TV

Pete Lau also teased the OnePlus TV earlier this month and we are very excited about it. Its the first time OnePlus is jumping into the LED TV’s game and that is going to be an interesting competition. Before OnePlus, Samsung and LG are the KINGS of the market and we are excited to see how will OnePlus tackle these giants.

No leaks have found for the OnePlus TV. This event could be the first time when the public will see OnePlus TV.

OnePlus CEO and founder Pete Lau confirmed this news that this phone will be more affordable than OnePlus 7 Pro. Its great news for the mid-range Smartphone market.

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