Are Technology And The Internet Creating Anger Problems? Here’s How To Manage Them

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Though technology and the internet have improved the world substantially, the truth is there have been some damaging side effects. One of those effects is that our global mental health has significantly decreased. Not only are we lonelier and more depressed, but we are much angrier, which tends to isolate us even further. 

The reason why rage is so common with tech and the internet is that there are so many elements that induce this emotion. Read on to learn why technology makes us so angry and some management options to reduce your rage. 

Reasons Why Technology And The Internet Make Us Angry

Though technology is a necessity, it can induce rage and anger through a variety of means. Below are some of the most common reasons people are so angry when using technology or the internet. 

  • Costs: First off, the cost of technology has skyrocketed in the past few decades. Now buying a new laptop or computer can set you back a few thousand dollars, even though it may only last for a few years. And that price doesn’t always include warranties, accidental protection, repairs, and accessories. For a person with an average salary, this can be quite a frustrating expense to keep up with. 
  • Tech problems, errors, and repairs: The internet and various services and software may take up more processing power to do their job than a few years ago. Not only does this make computers and laptops obsolete in just a few mere years, it means they are more likely to experience major problems too. Unfortunately, blue screens, frozen computers, and constant crashing are the new norms for those who can’t afford the best tech. 
  • Social media: We all know that social media can make us angry. From upsetting news updates to cyberbullying, the internet has made it all too easy for us to get in touch with our primal rage. Significant research shows that the internet and social media are making us unhappier and angrier, yet these services show few signs of positive change. 
  • 24/7 news: Cable is no longer the primary way people watch the news. Now it can be live-streamed or read on apps, social media, blogs, and websites. We are frequently inundated with news updates specifically written and cultivated to bait people into clicking on their headlines. This emotional manipulation most commonly induces rage or other extreme emotions. 
  • Frequent updates: The constant change and improvement of technology is usually positive but can also be frustrating to those who struggle to keep up. It seems like every week, there is some groundbreaking invention or update made that changes how we interact with our tech. Though sometimes this can be fun or useful, it can also be frustrating if you struggle to learn new technology. 
  • Dependency: Love it or hate it, technology and the internet are here to stay. And though these have had many positives for culture and society, the truth is now humanity has become increasingly dependent on technology for everything. This means that not only are we angry using it, but we also feel angry when we are in withdrawal. 

How To Manage Your Tech Rage

Since we are so dependent on technology, it can feel like there is no cure for the rage we constantly feel. However, by creating a healthier boundary with technology and using it positively, you can manage the anger that you so often feel. Below are a few ways to reduce your rage and create healthy boundaries with technology. 

  • Take breaks: Using technology and the internet 24/7 isn’t healthy. People who take breaks from the internet are much happier than those who remain dependent on it. Therefore put your phone down and take a break every once in a while. Take a walk, get some fresh air, and enjoy some quiet moments without using technology. 
  • Try non-tech-related hobbies: On the same note, try participating in activities that are not dependent on technology. Read a good book, do some journaling, or take an in-person class. Connecting with yourself and others can help your mental health and make it easier to maintain your boundaries with technology. 
  • Mindfulness or meditation: Mindfulness is key to gaining awareness of your emotions and finding ways to manage and treat them. Practice mindfulness throughout your day, or take some time to meditate. 
  • Use technology to make you smile: Block sources that make you angry and take some time to find stories and posts that are positive. This can include looking for good and positive news or just watching adorable cat videos. 

So although technology and the internet can be frustrating to use, with some mindfulness and boundaries, you can reduce your tech-related rage. To learn some more tips on how to manage your anger, you can find further reading and guidance at the link below:

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