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File comparison tools can be incredibly helpful in saving you time and effort. There are several such applications available on the Internet. This article offers the best tools for comparing two texts.

Perhaps you want to ensure that a file you saved to disk or saved in your computer is identical to the original, list all of the adjustments someone else has rendered to the file, or compare files after a hacking attack to see whether they have been modified. 

For this, text comparison software is an option. These programs allow you to easily compare one or more files, which is an advantage over manually comparing data.

Some online services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, also support file revisions and vary in file versions. Still, you must use these services and also have an Internet connection available.

Most text compare tools are free and require an internet connection. While benefiting from these free text compare tools, we should also think about our security. Text-compare software can use cookies to show you ads as well as may inherit some malicious threats. That is why you should consider VPN – a virtual private network while using these tools. In this way, you can create an extra secured Internet connection. Hence, you can protect the device you are operating and the confidentiality of the documents and texts you upload to them. Before using them, you can come across the best review on ExpressVPN by Wizcase and consider launching them to ensure privacy and security.

Now, let’s look at the best text comparison software in this article.

ABBYY FineReader 

ABBYY FineReader 14 is a well-known and one of the best text file comparison programs. You may use this utility to identify inconsistencies in the text between the two variants of the document. FineReader eliminates the need to compare each line of text carefully and for an extended period. The “Compare Documents” feature will show the difference between document versions in different file formats such as PDF, Word, etc.

Text comparison is supported in 35 languages by ABBYY FineReader 14. The language of the text can be defined immediately by the software.

FineReader illustrates unmatched elements of the two documents and puts the text side by side, making it easier to differentiate between texts.


WinMerge is a Windows application for comparing and merging documents. The software will compare both files and directories and display the visually appealing and easy-to-understand text format.

WinMerge is a Windows application with a tabbed interface. It is a powerful editor that includes syntax highlighting, line numbering, and word wrapping. WinMerge can also be distinguished in two vertical dimensions.

Filters in files allow you to delete and add objects. The software may also compare files inside a folder with subfolders.


ExamDiff is available as a mobile app and installation for free. It shows a prompt to choose the two files in the framework before displaying them side by side in the interface.

It uses colors to denote lines that have been added, omitted, or substituted to highlight all of the differences. The top menu allows you to skip right to every detected difference.

The application window can be used to edit files, and the files menu can be used to save a Unix diff file.


KDiff3 asks you to choose between one, two, or three file comparisons at the outset. It gives two different colors to the changes. In line with our goal, they used black characters and white or green color for the background. As a result, you can decide if there is a distinction on both sides. The absence of details in the files is indicated by the color blue or red.

If you like, the software will compare files from both sides and merge them under various situations.

What if you only have one text to check similarity?

Alternatively, if you have one text on your hand but not another file to compare yet, you want to check its originality. Several tools compare any text with all archives of the web. These are generally known as plagiarism checking tools.

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Quetext includes a range of tools to assist you in enhancing your writing. It also employs proprietary plagiarism identification software to decide if the text you submit can be found in various sources. Quetext has a basic web interface that illustrates any phrases that may be problematic. A list of possible plagiarism matches accompanies the text in question. You can use the Quetext app for free, but you can upgrade to the fully functional pro edition for a fee.


It was created with the needs of students in mind. Copyscape is an excellent tool for detecting advanced plagiarism issues. Its sophisticated filters can detect unique plagiarism flaws. You can check thousands of pages at once using the batch search function. Some of its capabilities are limited. Only direct URL-to-URL or text-to-text comparisons between two sources are supported.


DubliChecker is one of the plagiarism detection programs available. We may conclude that it is the program for you to search for a free plagiarism program. It is a program that you can use for its high-performance rate and the fact that it is free. The software is extremely easy to use. By cutting and pasting on the main page or uploading your paper, you will get a similar report in a short amount of time. This section is not free if you want to use it to check for grammatical errors, but it is really useful for getting a plagiarism report.

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