6 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Charm Your Woman

Valentine season is here again and you’re probably wondering how you can sweep your woman off her feet with that one gift. You know, the one with the wow-factor that earns you extra points in the relationship. While love is beautiful on its own, a woman can never be too spoiled. This year, here are some moves you can make to take her off guard. 

1. Send a Special Delivery

Make her day by having flowers, gifts, and treats specially delivered to her. With this season, gift vendors are almost on every corner, both online and on the streets. Make some arrangements and have something thoughtful sent to her.

If you are dating a classy woman with an eye for luxury items, you can get her some jewelry or a designer wristwatch like a Rolex Lady Datejust with a special love note attached. Have it delivered to her at work, school, or wherever she may be. You can make a show out of it if she loves surprises. If not, place it in a strategic location at her place where she’ll easily find it.

2. Take Her on a Shopping Spree

Who doesn’t love shopping? There are a ton of problems retail therapy can solve. Take her to a big mall in town or her favorite store. Let her know she has all the time she needs to pick up just as many things as she wants. Be patient and help her pick some pieces if you know what she likes. Be sure to check your budget before you do this, if possible, let her know the range of cash you’re willing to spend.

3. Write Her a Love Note

Sometimes, a simple valentine’s day card could make a whole lot of difference. A great gift doesn’t have to be expensive or flamboyant. It just needs to be creative. Pick out fancy paper with a fountain pen and express your feelings. 

Try your best to be honest while conjuring up your words, don’t use vague generic terms. Make it as personal as possible, mention the way you felt when you first saw her or something she did that made you know she was the one. 

You could attach a simple little gift like a necklace while giving her the letter. This particular hack sounds simple but with the advent of technology, anything on paper just shows extra effort. We all want that Bridgeton-style 1800’s kind of romance. 

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4. Make a Scrapbook About Your Relationship

Gather up photos of both of you at various points, old tickets, meaningful receipts, love notes, etc. Take time and create a handmade scrapbook out of it. Include in it your plans for her or the both of you. When you’re both done, seal and package it delicately. With this, she would see how dedicated and attentive you are. Yes, I know this might be a bit cheesy but who cares? It would be nice to feel like a teenager again, exchanging love notes at recess. 

5. Pay a Surprise Visit

The best gift you can give your woman is quality time. You could pretend you’ve forgotten that it’s Valentine’s day. Avoid her calls and messages throughout the day and set up a surprise for her with her friends. 

Surprise her at home or have her brought to her favorite restaurant and treat her to a date. You’ll have to make some arrangements with friends, family, or roommates to ensure that she’s brought to a location she would love.

It may take lots of planning and preparation but let’s hope her reaction would make up for the stress. This can be particularly useful If you’re in a long-distance relationship. The rush of emotions from seeing you after a long time would make up for the neglect she probably felt at the start of the day. 

6. Prepare a Candlelit Dinner at Home

Everyone loves a delicious meal. How about preparing your lady’s favorite meal at home?  Here’s an idea, get the necessary ingredients you’ll need for a particular meal. Let the surprise begin the second she walks through the door by decorating the entryway with flowers, sweet notes, or candy leading to her next surprise. 

The goal is to get that “wow” reaction. Throw on a pair of seductive aprons and invite her to hang out with you in the kitchen. In most relationships, women do the cooking so seeing you taking over and going that extra mile just for her would be much appreciated. 

And if you’re not exactly Gordon Ramsey, you can order for take-out and have it delivered a few minutes before she gets home. Create the right atmosphere by setting the tone with lightings, candles, music, and wine in place. Then, allow her to take bites of the meal while you watch. Hopefully, you didn’t leave an ingredient and your meal gets a pass mark. 


If your schedule is cramped, plan your work and appointments way ahead of time. On that day, make sure your schedule is fully cleared and you can give her one hundred percent of your attention. 

If she has been hinting that you’ve been absent or haven’t been giving her enough attention lately, this is a chance to redeem yourself. Spend the entire day doing just whatever you know she’ll love. As long as it makes you two happy. This would surely do your relationship some good and rekindle the fire between you. 

Lastly, Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, so don’t just put up an act on the 14th and switch up the following morning. You would need to fashion out different ways to keep that smile on her face for good. 

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