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Top-Selling NFT Artists

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are the talks of the town today. NFTs are blockchain-minted artworks that come with unique encryption codes and allow for ownership as well as authenticity.

Collectors as well as traders have spent billions of dollars investing in NFTs and this trend is here to stay. The popularity of NFTs is only going to grow which means there will be more demand for NFTs and higher investment in them. With some of the top celebrities investing in NFTs, they have become a rage. 

A lot of NFTs today are digital art pieces and many creative artists are responsible for creating them. From young 20-year-olds to 80 years old, artists of all ages and across the world are entering the world of digital art and public interest is only growing with each passing day. With new creators and traders entering this industry every day, it is time to learn how to create an NFT and make the most of this popularity. To inspire you to start your creative journey, we provide you with a list of top-selling NFT artists, let’s take a look at them.

Top-selling NFT artists 

  1. Trevorjonesart (Trevor Jones)

One of the top NFT artists today, Trevor Jones is based in the United Kingdom and he makes NFTs out of video clips from Artificial Reality paintings. He sets himself apart with the types of paintings he chooses to work on and he works with video production, animation, and AR to create tokens. It helps engage the viewers and offers a unique experience. 

His interest in art goes back to 2012 when he explored the compatibility of oil paintings with QR codes and he also invested in Bitcoin back in 2017 which led him to where he is today. His paintings are a blend of AR, cryptocurrency, and technology. Known for The Bitcoin Angel, Jones managed to sell his painting on the same day it was up for bidding for a whopping $3 million. The artist has never looked back since then and is one of the top names in the NFT space today. 

2. Pak

Not much is known about this creator except for their exceptional NFTs. A successful crypto artist, Pak has a mystery associated with their identity. Having played a strong part in the crypto art space, the artist has released several artworks on different marketplaces including Sotheby’s and Nifty Gateway. 

The digital artist is also ranked as the highest-grossing artist in the NFT world. Having sold more than 65,000 NFTs, the artist has also worked with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange to help fund Assange’s legal defense. Pak is also one of the most expensive artists in the world today. 


A very young NFT creator, FEWOCiOUS proves that age has nothing to do with success. Victor Langois is only 19 and has a solid career in digital art, thanks to the NFT community. The creator made history in June 2021 when Cristie’s website crashed because of a massive number of collectors trying to bring home the young artist’s NFT creations. 

The artist has a whimsical and dreamy art style that brings out the deepest emotions in their audience. For the artist, making digital art is a way to escape from an abusive and rough childhood. The young artist has taken the crypto world by storm and has more than 100,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram.


A basketball player turned artist, Johnson entered the NFT space with a series of digital art and sculptures that depict a young boy wearing an astronaut’s hat. This collection was known as Aku: The Moon God. He became one of the most recognizable names in the industry in no time and his inspiration is a young boy who believed that he wasn’t smart enough to become an astronaut. With this thought, the artist created an NFT and with every contribution made for the piece, he will spend the entire money for the little boy on his 18th birthday. 

5. Grimes

A celebrity and multimedia artist, Grimes was one of the first celebrities who joined the digital art community as a creator and not a collector. Sure enough, she enjoyed the success of her first venture in the market within no time. This only pushed her to do more and do better. She managed to sell a series of 10 digital artworks in 2021 and each piece was one-of-a-kind. Today, she is one of the most sought-after NFT creators with a unique collection and strong presence across the industry.

Many other NFT artists are making their space in the industry with unique and different artworks. With the growing popularity and rage about NFTs, the artists have a lot to gain and they could inspire others to follow their path in the near future. 

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