How the Use of Artificial Intelligence Makes Life Easier for IT Departments

It may seem to many that the work of specialists in IT departments is a piece of cake. Flexible working hours, high-paying jobs, permanent bonuses from programs, and so on – this is what other people pay attention to. However, few people think that specialists are faced with a huge number of problems that require brainstorming, as well as an immediate response.

Now there is a huge number of technologies that not only make life easier for specialists but also entail a considerable number of consequences. As a result, professionals are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with problems quickly and effectively as the number of problems only escalates.

However, we are seeing AIOps come to the rescue, using artificial intelligence to better manage infrastructure and applications. In this regard, custom built AIOps platforms have become especially popular, which offer open source so that each specialist can customize the interface to suit their needs.

In this post, we will talk about what it is, how popular it is, and also why it is beneficial.

What it is

As mentioned earlier, every year we see how enterprise systems become more and more complex. In this regard, it also becomes difficult to manually resolve the tasks. There was a need to create technologies that could take on part of the tasks.

The term AIOps appeared about 6 years ago, which refers to a set of tools based on artificial intelligence, capable of processing large databases, using machine learning technologies, as well as visualization tools. Without going into details, this technology was created to prevent the occurrence of all sorts of risks and failures that can occur in systems, applications, etc. It should analyze all the information and, if any problems are found, notify specialists who can quickly fix problems and prevent a large-scale failure.

Use of Artificial Intelligence
Use of Artificial Intelligence

Popularity of technology

2 years ago the platform market was valued at $3 billion and in 5 years the platform market is expected to increase to an incredible $20 billion. This statistic tells us that technology is becoming more and more popular every year. We can observe how in the market among the companies that use this technology are not only large corporations and industry giants but also niche specialized companies.

However, we see many large market players absorbing smaller companies, and perhaps in a few years, we will be able to see not so many independent companies using this technology.

It is assumed that already this year more than 35% of large companies are going to introduce this technology into their work processes.

In practical terms

Today, this technology is used to notify specialists of any failures that signal that something is going wrong. It sorts and filters various events to increase efficiency and also reduce the company’s cost of solving more problems.

To be able to prevent failures, it is necessary to collect data in huge quantities. This data must be collected from various hardware and software. One can imagine how difficult this process can be when people do it manually, so this technology should not be underestimated.

In addition, the system not only constantly notifies the specialist about the appearance of problems that can be repeated from time to time, but it also analyzes them, predicts their occurrence, and performs various actions to prevent their recurrence. Thus, programmers stop wasting precious time trying to establish cause and effect relationships.

Savings on cooling

Asus 2-in-1 q535

Data centers are of great importance in the life of IT departments. This is where most processes take place. Many sources report that if the technology is not used in these centers, then they simply become economically and technically impractical.

Also, one of the amazing facts is that AIOps tools can be used to control and manage cooling systems. In this regard, it is possible to reduce the consumption of electricity. Many large companies claim to have been able to reduce the energy consumption of their cooling systems by more than 30% by using the technology.


It can be concluded that the emergence of AIOps technology is gradually replacing traditional monitoring methods used by IT department specialists. The technology has a lot of advantages and offers IT professionals a lot of solutions to detect problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, fix them, and also prevent their occurrence in the future.

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