Modern Millionaires Review & Why PPC Traffic Is the Best For Lead Generation

Every business needs more leads. That’s doubly true for a lead generation business. Every customer starts as a lead, and there’s no way to bypass that progression.

Maybe you’ve tried other channels for lead generation. You could’ve spent hours optimizing your website, creating content, or creating email campaigns. These channels are all essential, but they’re not the best.

The problem is that those channels can eat up your time and money before they help you turn a profit. They’re also harder to manage when you don’t have a team at your disposal. The Modern Millionaires course mentioned in the title shows you how to create a lead generation business, but without a team.

So, PPC is the best way to go if you want to break into the lead generation market. Let’s take a minute to go over why and see how it fits into the Modern Millionaires course.

What’s PPC traffic?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. The simplest way to put it is that it’s a way to buy visitors. You literally pay for every click on a link to your website. Typically, these links come in the form of ads on search engines. You know, all those results you get on Google with the little “Ad” tag.

The more clicks you get on your ads, the more you pay. But, and this is a big “but,” you get more traffic at the same time. More traffic means more leads which means… You guessed it: more money. 

One of the biggest draws of the Modern Millionaires course is how it provides a guide on how to generate leads through any channel you can imagine. That means it’ll help you generate PPC traffic as efficiently as possible.

Is PPC traffic a good choice for you?

You might have heard PPC traffic is only viable for ecommerce stores. That couldn’t be further from the truth. People have used PPC traffic in lead generation for years now and it’s proven to be an effective traffic source.

The thing about a lead generation business is you only want qualified leads. That’s to say you only want people who are likely to buy something rather than window-shoppers and tire-kickers. If someone clicks an ad, chances are they have some amount of interest in your business.

The end goal is to get these leads to convert or make a purchase. That’s also what the Modern Millionaires course teaches: how to get hot leads, turn them into customers, and make money. So, PPC traffic is a great choice for you if you have any interest in starting a lead generation business.

Why’s PPC traffic the best for lead generation?

Lead generation ties in with the lead (or sales/marketing) funnel. This funnel shows the journey leads take all the way to a purchase. It starts with traffic sources like social media, email, and PPC. 

The difference between PPC and the rest of these traffic sources is PPC puts your business in front of people who are interested. These people will be searching for the solution you provide, no matter what it is.

Say you choose to create a lead generation business in the finance sector. People searching for information about finances will end up seeing your ad and there’s a good chance they’ll click. They have a problem, you have the solution.

Now, PPC isn’t free. That’s the only downside, but there’s something you should know. Every traffic source will cost you money unless you’re already an expert. PPC traffic is easy to generate and the cost is negligible once you start generating leads.

The Modern Millionaires course will also show you how to generate leads using PPC traffic. That’ll make the process much easier and you should be able to get started in no time. But if other traffic sources are more your speed, the course will show you how to leverage them all in your lead generation business.

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