How to Combine JPEGs into One PDF Free | 4 Ways

Do you always annoy with managing many single JPEG/JPG files? Or want to merge images into one PDF for better printing or storing? Luckily, this post will explain how to combine JPEGs into one PDF for free with 4 workable PDF mergers. Whether you want to combine multiple JPEGs/JPGs into one PDF on Windows, Mac, iPhone, or online, the solutions are all available in this post. Just move ahead and explore your suitable tool to merge images into one PDF instantly.

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How to Combine JPEGs into One PDF Free

Words Before Combining JPEGs

Can I convert multiple JPG to PDF?

Certainly, you can combine JPG into one PDF in most situations. And third-party PDF converters or mergers can save your effort and make it faster. 

Why do we need to combine JPEGs/JPGs into one PDF?

Various causes can lead to merging images into one PDF. And the following lists the top three reasons. Let’s check them together.

1. Easier to Sharing: It’s cumbersome to send JPEG/JPG photos individually to friends or colleagues. However, if you convert multiple images to one PDF file, you can easily share and transfer many photos in a file instantly.

2. Correctly Print: When you want to print JPEGs/JPGs, the formatting error or partial printing happens occasionally. And combining JPEGs/JPGs into a single PDF will keep the original formatting and preserve the complete images after printing.

3. Convenient to Manage: Merging images into PDF files can keep high-quality photos in order while saving more storage space. Moreover, it’s faster for users to locate specific JPEG/JPG photos.

How to Merge JPEGs into One PDF on Windows 10/11

If you are struggling with merging JPEGs/JPGs into one PDF on Windows 10/11, WorkinTool PDF Converter will be your all-in-one solution. In fact, it is a powerful but easy-to-use PDF merger and converter compatible with all Windows systems. Everyone can easily merge multiple JPEGs/JPGs into one PDF without quantity limits. And there is no watermark or blur on the output files. 

However, if you want to upload over 2 MB photos, upgrade to the Pro version at $10.95/Month, $19.95/Year, or $25.95/Lifetime. [Do you still hesitate? Enter the “pdf-coupon” in the discount box to get an extra 50% off.]

Instantly Combine JPEGs into One PDF √ Unlimited times to merge JPEGs/JPGs into one PDF.√ Make flexible image combinations by adjusting the size page, orientation, and margin.√ Keep the high resolution of images after conversion.√ Support other multiple image formats, such as PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc.√ Provides 20+ PDF tools to refine PDF files after merging.

Guide to JPG/JPEG Merging

Step 1. Free download PDF Converter. Then launch it and navigate to Convert to/from PDF > Image to PDF to upload your JEPG/JPG file.

Asus 2-in-1 q535

Step 2. Press the + or Add file to import more images to convert to PDF.

Asus 2-in-1 q535

Step 3. Select the desired page size, orientation, and margin in the right toolbar. Once ready, click the Convert button to get the merged images in PDF format.

Asus 2-in-1 q535

How to Combine JPEGs into One PDF Free on Mac

If you want to find a free PDF merger to help you merge images into a single PDF on Mac, Preview is what you seek. It is a free default PDF editor and image viewer with every Mac. Although it only has the essential tools, it’s enough to deal with image merging. With several clicks, you can easily arrange images and export them as one PDF file in Preview.  

Create a PDF from JPEGs/JPGs in Preview

Step 1. Right-click the JPEG/JPG photo and choose to open with Preview. Next, tap View > Thumbnails to organize the image files easily.

open jpeg with preview

Step 2. Drag additional JPEG/JPG images to the left sidebar of Preview. Then hold and move the displaced image to the correct location.

drag images into preview

Step 3. Tap the first photo and then press Common + A to select all. Next, navigate to File > Print and select Save as PDF in the drop-down menu of PDF. Finally, choose a new location and tap the Save button to get the combined JPEG file.

how to combine jpegs into one pdf preview

How to Combine JPEGs into One PDF Free on iPhone

Suppose you want to create a PDF from multiple JPEG/JPG files on your iPhone. You are lucky not to download other third-party PDF editors because the free built-in Photos app can help you a lot. 

The functions of the Photos app are more than you can guess from its name. Besides as a photo viewer and manager, it can crop, edit, rotate, combine, convert, and share photos. So it’s a cinch to merge and convert JPEGs/JPGs to a single PDF with Photos.

Merge Images into PDF in Photos

Step 1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone and select the images you want to combine into one PDF.

Step 2. Touch the share icon and slide to the Print button. Next, you can change the Paper Size and tap the Print icon to continue. 

Step 3. Select the Save to Files option to select a saving folder. At last, click the Save button to keep the PDF file on your iPhone.

Asus 2-in-1 q535

How to Combine JPEGs into One PDF Free Online

If you seek the easiest way to merge and convert multiple images into one PDF without software or registration, a free online PDF program like JPG2PDF can be your best helper to make it come true. JPG2PDF is a free and accessible online PDF converter, merger, and editor. 

As long as you go to JPG2PDF online page, you can effortlessly merge up to 20 JPEG/JPG images into single PDF documents within three moves on any device. Moreover, your data security is guaranteed in JPG2PDF because all your uploads and conversions will be removed permanently from its server after 1 hour. 

Quick Guide with JPG2PDF Online

Step 1. Navigate to JPG2PDF online page and then click UPLOAD FILES or drop your image files to JPG2PDF.

Asus 2-in-1 q535

Step 2. Put the cursor on the image that you want to rearrange. Then drag it to the desired location.

Asus 2-in-1 q535

Step 3. Once all the files are ready, touch the COMBINE button to start the combination. 

Asus 2-in-1 q535

FAQs for How to Combine JPEGs into One PDF

What is the best tool to combine JPEGs/JPGs into PDF?

It’s hard to say which is the best tool to merge images into one PDF because different people have different considerations. However, the editor can list several good-performed PDF mergers for you. And you can take a free trial to pick the top one tool in your eyes.
√ PDF Converter
√  Preview
√  Photos app 
√  Adobe Acrobat
√  Smallpdf

How do I make multiple JPEGs into one PDF?

If you want to make multiple JPEGs into one PDF, PDF Converter can achieve it easily. Just download PDF Converter, then use the Image to PDF function and click the Convert button to get a PDF from multiple JPEG images instantly.

How do I combine JPEGs into one PDF on a Mac?

Adobe Acrobat can facilitate you to combine JPEGs into one PDF on Mac. Let’s check the simple tutorial together.
Step 1. Open Adobe to find Tools > Combine Files.
Step 2. Click Add Files icon to import your JPEG/JPG files.
Step 3. Drag the wanted image to change the order. At last, press the Combine button to create a PDF from images.

The Bottom Line

Generally speaking, merging JPEGs/JPGs into one PDF can make transferring, sharing, and storing easier. However, it’s challenging to combine them without a handy PDF merger tool. Fortunately, this post provides 4 tools to help you solve how to combine JPEGs into one PDF free on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and online. And you can select one to create a PDF from JPEG/JPG images without effort. 

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