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Air vs Electric Tools: Which are better?

Everyone has their own preference for power tools. The two most common types are pneumatic and electrical tools. Of course, each type of power tool comes with its own pros and cons. You need to consider what you need the tool for and the environment in which you will be using it. 

So, what are pneumatic tools?

Pneumatic tools use compressed air to operate, and they need an air compressor to work. The pneumatic motor converts the compressed air into energy to power the device. They are much safer to use in damp and flammable environments because they use air for power. You don’t need to worry about flammable gas and oil catching fire. 

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More air power tools also have a compact and lightweight design that makes them perfect for smaller areas. You can lift them easily and maneuver them into hard-to-reach areas. However, there is no cordless option with a pneumatic tool, which can cause problems in tighter spaces. You will need to get used to having a wire dangling around your feet.

Some pneumatic tools now have Bluetooth capabilities. The tool will gather data and transmit it back to your phone, so you can assess the torque offered and angles used. 

Finally, pneumatic tools are more affordable in the long run than electrical tools. However, they do have a higher upfront cost, and you will need to purchase an air compressor as well. Sadly, air compressors are an unavoidable added cost of using pneumatic tools. 

What are electric tools?

Electrical tools are the more traditional option, and there are cordless and corded versions available. Electric devices use either a plug or battery. 

Cordless electrical tools are much easier to maneuver and should be a staple for hard-to-reach areas. You aren’t connected to an air compressor and don’t need to worry about tripping over wires. 

The more modern electrical tools are much lighter due to technological advances. The Milwaukee power drill is versatile, powerful and a great asset to any tool collection. 

Traditionally, air tools are more powerful than cordless electrical ones. However, the new cordless tools can offer nearly the same amount of juice.  Electrical tools also tend to be a little more expensive because they have their own power supply. In some cases, the added price is definitely worth it for the power, flexibility, and ease. 

Manufacturers are starting to integrate Bluetooth into electrical tools. You can send information about your tool to your phone to examine. Your tool will notify you when it’s running too hot and at risk of breaking. Bluetooth communication means you can reduce the risk of damaging your tools and needing to replace them. You can fix the problems as soon as you spot them and expand the lifespan of your power tools. Genius!

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of power tools. Try out both options and see which one works for you!

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