Things to consider before buying an OTG

What does the word OTG stand for? 

Its Oven, Toaster and Griller. From the name, you can see that it a multipurpose oven which can help you to perform various tasks in that one single device. When you wake late in the morning, you need a toaster; when you feel like baking a cake, you need an oven and when you feel like grilling your favorite food, you need a grilling machine. 

This one single appliance performs all the above-mentioned tasks and costs half of the total combined cost of the other 3 appliances. And thus, it is a must for every household.

An OTG functions in a simple manner. It can also be said as a modern smaller version of an oven. It has heated coils inside it to cook food or bake food. 

There is also a thermostat present inside the oven which helps in controlling the temperature and thus ensures that the food is grilled or cooked properly. And also, a plus point is that it uses very low power compared to modern microwaves and is also light weighted and easy to move around.

Now, you might wonder as to how you can buy the best OTG for home use keeping in mind all the important key factors such as your budget, the price, the brand, the size, etc. 

Hence, to simplify all your doubts and problems, we have bought together a few important key factors that one may consider before buying an OTG. The factors are:

1. Size and Capacity

This is the most important factor to consider. By the capacity, we also mean the size of the OTG oven. The first and foremost thing to see is the available space in your kitchen. It is advised to measure the area of the kitchen top or desk where you will be placing the OTG and then buy an OTG of the right size. Various good brands come out with various sizes of OTGs once every 3 months. Thus, finding the right kind and size of OTG won’t be that difficult. Also, the size and capacity depend on the number of family members. If you have a family of 2-3 a smaller OTG would do. But if you have a family of 4-5 members and guests come often to your house then an OTG with a higher capacity is advisable.

2. Usage of Cookware

Buying an OTG depends on the size of the utensils and containers that you are going to use inside it. Thus, measuring the sizes of your containers before buying an OTG is needed. And also, if existing cookware doesn’t apply, the need to buy new ones will be needed depending upon the size and capacity of the OTG.

3. Controls

Generally, OTGs come with two different types of control panels, Analog & Digital (Automatic).

The analog type ones come with switches, manual buttons & knobs. These kinds of ovens are not that expensive and yet long-lasting.

The digital ones have electronic buttons. These buttons can be pushed to carry out a particular function. These are commonly used nowadays. Nothing has to be set up beforehand. It comes with an auto-cook feature where only the dish type has to be selected and the OTG automatically decides the wattage capability and the time required to cook or grill or bake the dish inside. This kind of mechanism saves time as everything is done automatically but digital OTGs are more expensive. They are also less durable compared to the analogous ones.

4. Rotisserie Feature

Some OTGs come with the Rotisserie feature while others don’t. This feature is used for cooking meat. But if you and your family are vegetarian then, you may not need this feature. If you do need this feature then, an automatic one should be bought as it is more convenient.

5. Presence of Oven Rack

The OTGs which come with a large oven rack ensure that you can put more than one dish inside the oven at the same time. So, this feature may come in handy if you have a large number of the same kind of dishes that need reheating or cooking. However, while buying make sure that the trays are strong and durable.

6. Auto Shut-off function

Some OTGs also come with the auto shut-off function which enables one to save time and is more advantageous. When the food is completely cooked, the OTG automatically shuts off with this feature. So, if you do not want to pay much attention to cooking during a party or gathering, this feature is a bonus for you.

7. Power Consumption

The OTG models that are bigger consume more power compared to the smaller ones. If your cooking doesn’t involve a lot of baking, then you can choose a model with low power usage.

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8. Extra Features of OTG

Some OTGs come with extra features like 

  • Preheat- Some OTGs have to be switched on 5-10 mins before the actual usage so that it can warm up their insides for better cooking.
  • Keeping warm function- The ‘Keep Warm’ feature of the OTG helps to keep the food fresh and warm for hours after it has been cooked. It abolishes the problem of reheating food.
  • Wire rack and skewer- For grilling food like kebabs and other marinated food we require the griller and skewers. The wire rack if present makes sure that the food gets grilled from all sides and ensures proper grilling.
  • Crumb tray- If food is grilling or you have put bread in the toaster then bread crumbs or extra marinated sauce may fall below while the process takes place. The crumb tray collects all these extras and makes sure that your OTG doesn’t get dirty.
  • Tongs-Tongs help one to take out any hot dish or tray from inside the oven; even the crumb tray.
  • Baking pan- Some OTGs come with an extra baking pan which can help you to bake cookies and cake and save your cost of buying any extra pan.

9. Warranty

Before buying your favorite OTG, make sure that you check in the warranty card. The warranty varies from product to product and thus you should remember to check the guarantee card and get it authorized.

10. Price and budget

Last but not the least important factor is your budget and the price of the product. You need to buy a product that is within your budget but also has all the important features. Thus, proper research is needed for that.

These are all the key factors that one may consider before buying their desired OTG oven. We hope that these points will help you to choose the best OTG for your household. 

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