9 Reasons to Use a Home Scent Diffuser

For centuries people have been using scent to change the atmosphere in their homes. They have traditionally relied on potpourri and scented candles, but both methods may create issues. Each disperses scent to a reasonably small area, and some candles release unsafe toxins as they burn. These are just two of the reasons behind the growing demand for home scent diffusers that introduce delicious aromas into rooms.

Cold air diffusers are especially effective. They use filtered room air to diffuse essential oil scents into a dry micro mist. The method allows residents to fully enjoy each fragrance and get the maximum therapeutic benefits from oils. Suppliers offer a range of cold-air diffusers, so there is something for every taste. Regardless of the type, each provides an array of benefits.

1) Diffusers Scent the Air Safely

Customers often switch to essential oil diffusers because they want a safer, more effective alternative to indoor air freshening products or candles. Established suppliers who provide diffusers and oils list each product’s properties and features on company websites. For example, customers checking out AromaTech products online can learn why cold air diffusers are the safest, cleanest method of scenting rooms.

Diffusing essential oils eliminates the fire risk that candles pose. Oils do not contain harmful chemicals found in air fresheners. Their aromas are also diffused evenly, so there is no overwhelming small that could irritate some people.

2) There Are Scents That Help Relieve Stress

The Mayo Clinic reports that aromatherapy has been linked to health benefits, including relief from depression and anxiety. Studies indicate that diffusing scents such as lavender can reduce stress, and certain aromas may help alleviate depression.

home scent diffuser reduce stress

Providers who sell diffusers also carry a menu of high-quality essential oils and list each oil’s properties and uses. For example, professionals typically recommend peppermint as a pick-me-up and rosemary to help increase feelings of contentment. Lemon is another aroma that can have anti-depressant qualities.

3) Diffused Oil Improves Sleep

Holistic practitioners often recommend essential oils for insomniacs. Diffusing them into the air is an excellent way to create a relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to restful sleep. Lavender is a good example. It is soothing, and studies show that the aroma helps induce more deep-wave sleep. Some people find that orange works well since it has anti-depressant properties and can restore immune and endocrine systems to normal levels.

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Customers can either choose a favorite scent or create custom blends by mixing several favorite oils. Some diffusers also produce a gentle hum that can induce a feeling of drowsiness.

4) Essential Oils Kill Mold and Bacteria

There are essential oils that kill airborne toxins. As oils are diffused into the air, they break down free radicals that encourage bacterial growth. Oils like thyme, eucalyptus, and tea tree are very effective air cleaners. Homeowners can also use diffused oils to combat the threat of yeasts. Some essential oils create an environment that is inhospitable to yeasts like mold. Red thyme and pine oils are incredibly effective tools for tackling mold.

5) Oils Act as Mosquito Repellant

There are essential oils that safely and naturally repel mosquitos. That is important to parents who want to avoid commercial repellants that introduce chemicals into the air. Most products include DEET, an element that is particularly harmful to children.

There is evidence that diffusing a mixture of clove and lemongrass essential oils will repel one kind of Zika-carrying mosquito at a 100% rate.

6) Oil Diffusers Help Relieve Cold Symptoms

Diffusing eucalyptus oil into the air provides relief from congestion. It works on the same principle as Vapo-Rub, which includes eucalyptus. While Vapo-Rub primarily affects the chest-neck area, diffused eucalyptus oil adds a soothing scent to the entire room. Studies also show that oil diffusers have cured pneumonia in lab mice.

Lemon oil is another good choice because it boosts the immune system and helps fight off colds. There is also sweet orange oil, which is an anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic properties.

7) Scents May Aid Weight Loss

There is evidence that essential oils used, along with a healthy diet plan, can make it easier to lose weight. The rich aromas produced by oils affect different parts of the brain, which in turn, impact emotions and sensations.

Studies show that inhaling scents like peppermint, grapefruit, orange, and rosemary can suppress the desire to taste, which typically leads to eating. Peppermint can induce a satiety response, which curbs the appetite.

Researchers advise switching aromas from time to time, so avoid getting used to one particular fragrance.

8) Seasonal Scents Create Atmosphere

Millions of shoppers use essential oil diffusers to change their home atmosphere. Oils are wildly popular at Christmas since aromas like pine, cinnamon, myrrh, ginger, and cedar wood instantly evoke a festive mood. In a recent New York Times article, holistic educator Jeannette Wolfe says she relies on diffused essential oils at Christmas season and explains, “I’ll add spices during the holiday season…I’ll shift them depending on my mood.”

9) Diffusing Oils Can Improve Cognitive Function

Diffused essential oils often have adaptogenic qualities that provide more than one benefit. For instance, they can give stressed bodies a pick-me-up as they soothe nerves and create a sense of calm. The combination helps re-balance moods and makes it easier to focus. Some oils also help balance the hormones. Over time, regular use of these essential oils can help repair underlying issues that hinder cognitive function.

Oils that help improve brain function include rosemary and lemon. Rosemary helps the mind absorb and retain information, while lemon’s invigorating fragrance enhances focus. Sage is also a memory booster, and diffusing grapefruit essential oils can restore a tired brain while relieving tension.

Diffusing essential oils is fast becoming the most popular way to scent homes. A diffuser safely disperses fragrance over a wide area without adding chemicals to the environment. Suppliers offer a range of diffusers and dozens of essential oils that provide health benefits. For instance, diffusing certain oils can improve moods, relieve stress, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and clear up cold symptoms. Essential oils can also improve brain function, improve sleep, create a holiday mood, and make it easier to lose weight.

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