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Best Email SMTP Service Providers for Reliable Email Deliverability

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it is the standard to send, receive and relay emails. An SMTP service provider makes sure that the emails that you sent from your website, reach its users. Their servers are configured to make sure that the emails that you send don’t end up in the junk folder of the users. A lot of companies commonly use SMTP as a service to manage their emails due to quick and effective email deliverability.

Best Email SMTP Service Providers

Choosing the best SMTP service provider with high deliverability can be a tough decision. Now there are several service providers available in the market such as Mailjet, Pepipost, and DuoCirlce which offer their mailing services. Here are our top picks for the most effective SMTP service providers that are offering the best SMTP mail services.

1. SendinBlue

One of the best SMTP email services available on the market is SendinBlue. They also offer SMS marketing other than email marketing. Works great in terms of handling transactional emails and promotional emails. It has a wider integration range for third party platforms and works great with platforms like WordPress and Google Analytics. It also offers A/B testing which helps you in optimizing your campaigns to get maximum customer engagement. It provides an in-depth customer analysis to optimize your click rates.

It offers a free plan of sending 300 emails per day and has a paid plan starting at 25$ per month which allows you to send 40,000 emails every month.

2. Mailgun

Mailgun is quite popular among developers and businesses. You can integrate it with any WordPress site. Mailgun is designed mostly for developers because its interface is not user friendly. You can send marketing emails to every contact on your list without having your own email server. Another important feature that mailgun allows is that it provides mail validation which improves the chances of conversion. It allows the user to track the campaign performance and much more.

It offers a free plan to send 10,000 emails per month. The next paid plan starts at 79$ that offers 100,000 emails and saves the record of email log for up to 15 days. It also provides you with one dedicated IP and offers user management with live chat and call support.

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3. SendPulse

SendPulse has been around for quite a while. It has been offering SMTP service for around 15 years. SendPulse allows you to manage transactional emails to everyone that has subscribed to your website or several other third-party applications. SendPulse is a multichannel platform and because of this, it can offer several other marketing tools to choose from, such as chatbots, push notifications, and messenger support. It also supports email automation that sends a transactional email when a certain specified event happens.

Its free plan allows users to send 12,000 free emails and the basic plan starts with 8.85$ monthly and offers 25,000 campaigns.

4. SendGrid

SendGrid is a cloud-based mailing service which makes it easier for us to send a lot of emails without even managing a server. It offers a great set of features including its greater scalability as compared to other services. You can easily set up its mail relay SMTP with any WordPress site, just by installing WP Mail SMTP plugin, which is used for sending WordPress emails. SendGrid mostly focuses on deliverability and can be ideal for you if it’s your only concern.

Their free plan offers 40,000 emails free and its paid plan starts at 14.95$ monthly

5. G Suite

G Suite is offered by Google and is only recommended for small scale businesses because it can only send around 2000 messages in a day. You can easily send mails inside or outside your organization with the SMTP relay service that G Suite offers. You can set up your business address without leaving the Google mail interface which most of us are familiar with.

Its paid plan starts at 6$ per month.

6. Amazon SES

It is great for developers and marketers for sending bulk mails and run transactional campaigns. It provides a lot of features that are suitable for advanced users such as developers. If you’re already using AWS services then you can send 62,000 free emails every month.

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