Best Glasses for Working on Computers

If you need glasses to work on a computer, it’s important to pick the right ones. Looking at a screen can feel uncomfortable after long periods of time, but your glasses can do a lot to protect you from eye strain. Whether your whole job revolves around computers or you need to use one for more than a few hours a day, these tips can help you to combat problems and see more clearly.

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Check Your Prescription

Sometimes when your eyes feel tired while using the computer it isn’t because of normal eye strain. If you haven’t had an eye test in a while, you might need to get your prescription updated. Weak glasses cause your eyes to work harder throughout the day than they should, meaning they’ll get tired more quickly. No matter how comfortable your frames, your eyes will suffer if your vision isn’t being corrected properly.

Blue Light Lenses

Opting for lenses that protect your eyes from blue light can make computer use a lot easier. Emitted from all kinds of digital screens, blue light is thought to potentially put people at an increased risk of macular degeneration. It could also make your eyes feel more tired, leading to dry eyes and fatigue over time. Blue light lenses offer some protection from these harmful consequences, allowing you to use your computer or mobile phone with greater peace of mind.

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Anti-Reflective Coating

Even if you decide not to choose blue light lenses, investing in glasses with an anti-reflective coating is a good idea for all computer users. This means that your lenses won’t produce reflections on the front or back, allowing more light to pass through your glasses. While this coating will have an added cost, it’s more than worth it to ensure your comfort while working.

Lightweight Frames

The last thing you want while staring at a screen for hours on end is a pair of heavy frames weighing you down. You want to forget your glasses are even on while working, so make sure you’re choosing a frame that not only fits correctly but is made of light material. While plastic specs do tend to be on the lighter side, they might not last as long. Consider stronger materials like aluminum that will stand up to more wear and tear without bothering you with excessive heaviness.

Protect your Eyes

While getting the right glasses is important for working on computers, it’s even more important to take regular breaks from the screen. Make sure you’re looking at objects that are further away regularly or taking walks. It’s difficult in this modern-day to get away from screens as many of us also carry a mobile phone or use our own personal tablets to get information when outside of the office. But taking short breaks every 20 minutes will do your eyes the world of good.

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