Blockchain Provides Better Protection For Digital Content And Resolves Piracy.

One of the significant issues that arise in the entertainment industry is piracy. These entities, such as artists, writers, filmmakers, and others, need protection from their content being stolen and used commercially without permission. Indeed, piracy is a global issue; however, more solutions are available today to combat piracy than ever before.

Potential blockchain-based solutions for content creators:

Many solutions reveal themselves under the guise of new technologies like blockchain, which provide better digital content protection and resolve piracy. One of the main problems faced by content creators, distributors, and owners is that they need to work together to ensure that their content is protected and to stop production if piracy occurs. The website Immediate Connect provides fast deposits, withdrawals, and trading strategies to bitcoin traders.

 People can use blockchain technology for all stages of the distribution process. For example, the first use of blockchain involves registering the original work’s ownership on a new distributed ledger system. Then, it creates a permanent record of where ownership lies in the event of a dispute. It also allows creators to sell rights in parts of their work or make it available for free.

The second stage involves creating and distributing encrypted copies of the digital work linked to its registered owner. It is done by encrypting the original work with a cryptographic hash and then publishing the encrypted file.

It allows multiple copies of the work to exist on several blockchains. The resultant files can be copied from one blockchain to another, decreasing the risk of piracy. It is also relatively simple for users to access these chained files, providing an added protection layer.

The third stage involves verifying that a copy has been received by an authorized user or system and ensuring that old versions of programs are removed once they are no longer used. The above illustrates how people can use blockchain technology to protect the copyright of digital content and prevent piracy.

Blockchain technology will provide a safer and more reliable method of keeping track of content while providing an added layer of protection against theft. Let’s discuss some other benefits of blockchain for content creators. 

1. A New Income stream:

There has been significant growth in the number of content creators such as artists, writers, filmmakers, and so forth, who are clamoring for better solutions to protect their content. Included amongst these are many individual content creators from all over the world. However, one major problem is that there is very little money to be made from most of their work. 

Blockchain technology provides a new means of monetizing your creative work and identifying new opportunities for yourself and your friends. With most of these digital content platforms, you can only sell some of your work. Cryptographic technologies like blockchain allow you to sell all rights to the digital piece, including all rights such as synchronization rights, copyright royalties, etc., in one place.

2. Blockchain can help creators find new talent:

There is one major problem that many content creators face, and this is the need for proper monetization of their content. It can be attributed to the fact that many small-scale creators need a better footing for their work. These creators are mostly locked out by large-scale industries such as Hollywood because they feel threatened by new talent appearing on the scene. With blockchain technology, it is possible to create a more significant financial incentive for people to start small-time creative careers. It will help propel smaller artists and writers towards well-paid creative endeavors rather than being forced off the stage or made redundant.

3. Audience can fund their favorite artists:

Today, some content creators can make money through crowdfunding on platforms. Blockchain technology can provide a new means of allowing people to invest in the future earnings of others. In addition, blockchain can provide an avenue for consumers to invest in their favorite content creators rather than simply purchasing access to their work or videos. Once blockchain technology is fully implemented for creatives, the crowdfunding opportunity will be expanded by the user.

4. A way to monetize your original content:

Today most authors and filmmakers don’t get paid anything for their work since they don’t own it since large-scale agencies or production companies own it. With blockchain, it is possible to stop them from being exploited by large-scale corporations that merely use their work for free and then make little or no money off of them. In addition, blockchain technology will provide a way for content creators to retain exclusive rights over their works and earn much more through licensing the rights instead of giving away those rights for free.

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