Everything you need to know about Adorama

Adorama is a supplier of cameras, electronics, and film equipment that boasts the lowest rates and largest assortment of consumer electronics. This includes anything from home theatres to office supplies to filmmaking gear to mobile computing devices to equipment for the home office. Terrible customer service and questionable business practices have earned the corporation a poor reputation.

Adorama is well-known in the photography industry for offering high-quality equipment at reasonable costs, particularly cameras and photographic accessories. Is Adorama really as good as everyone says it is for individuals on a tight budget? Can I trust Adorama? Many buyers feel they took a risk by placing a purchase, as they never received their merchandise. Those interested to learn more about Adorama are encouraged to read on.

Pros and Cons


  • You’ll get free shipping on your first order.
  • Adorama Points
  • Spend a small fortune on premium goods that can be had for a song on sale.
  • Used items are for sale to the public.
  • You might choose to work with Adorama to sell your secondhand electronics.


  • Bad customer service.
  • Poor delivery quality; clients may get defective, incorrect, or no goods at all.
  • Consumers alleged fraud were not given their money back.

How reliable is Adorama?


Adorama does not fare well in terms of reputation when doing online research. Adorama has only a 2.0 TrustPilot rating, so it’s best to go elsewhere if you’re planning to spend a lot of money. Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the online shopping experience due to problems with damaged or never-received orders. Many of those persons had their losses not compensated for following their negative experiences. Adorama has been rated “bad” by more than 30% of Trust Pilot users who have had a negative encounter with the company.

When compared to other companies, which can score as much as 80% Excellent ratings, Adorama’s 54% of customers who have received high-quality products with no troubles are comparatively low. Adorama’s already precarious status was worsened when the retailer was given a 1.0-star rating by Reseller Ratings after 17,927 critiques were posted. They are not representative of the company’s values.

Many customers prefer shopping at Adorama because of the store’s competitive pricing and wide selection of used goods compared to Nikon and other similar companies. A major cause for concern, though, is the consistently low marks they receive in online reviews.

Computer Security

There have been allegations that Adorama stole private information as well. In the eyes of several dissatisfied consumers, the firm improperly collected personal data before informing them that the item they had ordered was temporarily unavailable. Since then, allegations of data abuse and theft of customer information have been leveled at Adorama.

Can you rely on Adorama?

Return Policies

Adorama’s website has all the information you need regarding their refund policy, which allows you to return an item for a full refund within 30 days. However, the consumer is responsible for covering transportation charges and the item cannot be returned without the UPC (UPC). Many things, such as computers and other electronic goods, cannot be returned once they have been opened, regardless of whether or not they are malfunctioning.

Customer Support Service

Reviewers have found Adorama’s customer service to be mostly unresponsive and ineffective. There appears to be widespread customer dissatisfaction with the helpline’s performance. Despite the company’s assurances that it may be reached by email, social media, or telephone, many customers have complained that they have been unable to have their questions answered or their problems handled.

How does it make money?

Adorama generates income and sales from a variety of sources. The Adorama corporation actually owns and operates several separate brands. You can rent equipment and supplies for your next film or art project from Adorama Rental Co., and you can get professional-quality prints from AdoramaPix, now called Printique.

Adorama also has a blog site called 42West or the Adorama Learning Center where they provide reviews, how-to tips, and information about forthcoming goods. Adorama also offers Adorama Business Solutions, a counseling and support center made to aid in the accomplishment of objectives and the success of creative endeavors. Adorama’s multi-brand distribution of high-end products brings in millions of dollars annually.

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