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GTA 6 Official Trailer Released by Rockstar Games, GTA VI Release in 2025

The wait is finally over as Rockstar Games has launched the official trailer of the most-loved game in the world. Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer was released on Tuesday 5th December! The excitement surrounding the release reached a fever pitch after an unexpected leak on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), leaving Rockstar Games to drop the official trailer ahead of its scheduled time.

GTA 6 Official Trailer Released

The 2-minute trailer quickly became viral on YouTube by gathering over 11 million views in just 2 hours. The unexpected early release only added to the hype, with fans expressing their awe and delight in the comments section. Now the trailer has more than 61M views on Rockstar’s official YT channel.

The trailer shows the game’s setup in the fictionalized Vice City, a sparkling paradise reminiscent of Miami. The series’ first female protagonist “Lucia” was introduced. The video begins with her behind bars, setting the stage for a narrative filled with Bonnie and Clyde-inspired heists and adrenaline-filled adventures throughout Vice City. Viewers were quick to applaud the attention to detail, noting the diverse environment from bustling urban areas to serene countryside, promising an immersive gaming experience.

In response to the leaked trailer, Rockstar Games took to social media with a sense of humor, posting on X: “Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube.” 

The trailer is specially released this month as it marks the 25th anniversary of Rockstar Games. The developers had kept fans waiting for over a decade since the launch of GTA 5. That’s why it was such a hyped-up event that GTA 6 is about to release with its ultra-realistic graphics, leaving gamers shocked.

Despite the overwhelming excitement, there was a slight disappointment for PC gaming lovers. The press release from Rockstar Games confirmed the game’s release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S in 2025, but there was no mention of a PC release. This left many fans eagerly awaiting further updates on the potential availability of the game on their preferred platform.

The GTA 6 trailer leak followed the viral spread of a gameplay video on TikTok, offering a sneak peek into the highly anticipated game’s mechanics and map. The gaming community went into a frenzy, dissecting every frame and speculating on the features and innovations Rockstar Games has in store for them.

In a statement, RG shed light on the game’s setting, stating that GTA VI would transport players to the state of Leonida. The promise of the “biggest, most immersive evolution” of the GTA series yet left fans eager to explore the hot dynamic world teased in the trailer. Iconically the characters and scenes in the trailer indicate that this game will simulate viral social media trends in the Vice City world.

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has set ambitious financial expectations for GTA 6, predicting $8 billion in net bookings by 2025. As GTA 5 holds the title of the world’s second best-selling video game of all time with 190 million copies sold worldwide, fans believe GTA 6 is ready to break this record. 

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