Enjoy Unlimited Perks With The Ultimate High-Speed VPN in Only $1.33/Month

Nothing to do back at home? Tire of sitting all day long watching boring shows and movies? Time to watch some amazing new MARVEL movies and shows like ‘Game of Thrones. Or even better, who can miss the ‘Friend’s reunion special’? 

Don’t worry, we know that these amazing shows and movies can’t be streamed in Hong Kong for the time being. That’s why it’s time to get your hands on VPN services! And what’s more interesting is that we have now finally signed an exclusive deal with the Ivacy VPN for a limited time!

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Amazing Discounts – Get Ivacy in $1.33/month ONLY

We are offering amazing discounts for our regular readers. This means that you are going to save a lot of your savings. For instance, you can buy a monthly plan is only $9.95.

Here is something much more exciting. Right now, at this very moment, if you buy our five-year plan, it would cost you only $1.33 per month and a one-year plan would be only $3.50 per month. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the deals

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Massive 2TB included in the package

The super famous popular Ivacy VPN 5-year plan costs around 80 USD. But with our amazing and exclusive discount available on this site. You can access the complete package for just 60 USD. That’s a solid 20 USD discount for you! With the 60 USD package, you can enjoy Ivacy VPN services for a mere 1 USD per month subscription.

Not only this, getting the amazing 5-year package from our site will award you an extra 2TB cloud storage included in the package. Download, upload, and share your favorite files with your friends on the go.

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Working in the Chinese premises as well

As a resident of Hong Kong working in China, you may feel the need of using certain websites that are blocked in China. These websites include Facebook, LINE, and countless other sites that can be of great use. But don’t worry, this VPN has got the tricks.

The Chinese authorities can not directly circumvent the net wall. That’s why Ivacy VPN dodges the Chinese ban by importing the official network settings. In this way, the VPN achieves the state of an OpenVPN. That’s why Ivacy VPN can also work perfectly in the Chinese region as well.

Now here is the good news. If you are a regular reader of IvacyVPN5, you are eligible of having an amazing discount on our VPN Service.

If you buy our five-year plan, it would cost you only $60. 

So, what are you waiting for? Gear for a big move and buy something exciting right away.

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Security that matters

The world of the internet is amazing. On one hand, you can get hundreds and hundreds from it. But on the other hand, it is the tool that powers cybercrimes throughout the world. The major reason behind a constantly increasing number of cybercrimes is the IP address itself. When you visit certain sites, it leaves your PC’s IP address on the site. In this way, you became vulnerable to various cybercrime agents.

But with the Ivacy VPN security setup, this is nothing to be worried about. As soon as you connect through the Ivacy VPN, you become anonymous. In this way, no one can track down your details or IP address in any possible way.

Get yourself the best deal in town. Enjoy 10 percent off.

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Speed matters

The majority of the users don’t prefer using a VPN because of slow speed. But this is not the case with Ivacy VPN. Tested and enhanced multiple times, the Ivacy VPN offers top-notch web connectivity and speed to its users.

Our claims aren’t based on simple assumptions. The VPN has been tested multiple times with other competitor VPNs providing similar services. Each time, the Ivacy VPN has been able to beat its competitor with quite a margin. Connect through the Ivacy VPN and unleash the real power of speed. 

Buffer free Disney+ experience

Tired of trying to access the Disney+ streaming services here in Hong Kong? No one should be kept away from the magic of Disney movies and shows. That’s why you can opt for Ivacy VPN to stream your favorite Disney+ shows without any buffering or error.

All you need to do is carefully select a region first. But remember, the region should have Disney+ transmission support. Connect the Ivacy VPN to the region and enjoy your favorite movies like Moana, The Incredibles, STAR WARS SAGA, and much more. 

All of this in a single 5-year plan fee of 60 USD exclusively on our site.

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Getting YouTube Premium isn’t an issue now

Subscription charges for YouTube are super expensive here in Hong Kong. That’s why Ivacy VPN is all set to help you out in this regard once again. As YouTube premium charges are different for different regions, there’s a trick included here.

Connect the VPN to the Indian region and purchase the YouTube premium package through the Indian server. In this way, all you need to pay in terms of subscription charges is HK $4. This includes the ad-free YouTube music setup as well. All you need to do is get Ivacy VPN today.

unlock youtube premium

Buying super cheap Netflix subscription packages

Today, Netflix is probably the most popular and widely used streaming service across the globe. But here in Hong Kong, the Netflix subscription charges are super high. But not when you have got the Ivacy VPN in your pocket.

Connect the VPN to a region with lower Netflix subscription rates. Let’s say go with Brazil, as the Brazil region also allows Hong Kong and Taiwan-based banking cards as well. AND GET YOURSELF A Netflix subscription as low as HK $62.53! That is a huge 30% cheaper subscription package than the original Netflix Hong Kong subscription charges.

Feel the power of HBO MAX 

Tired of hearing about the class of the ‘Justice League: Snyder’s Cut’? Or are you a fan of the record-breaking ‘Joker’ movie? All the classics of the WB under one roof of HBO MAX. But here in Hong Kong, we know you need to pay a hefty amount in terms of subscription charges. But Ivacy VPN is to the rescue here once again. Connect to a different geographical region with access to HBO MAX services and get yourself with some super cheap HBO MAX subscription through the power of VPN.

unlock hbo max

Connect up to 10 different devices

Yes, the Ivacy VPN allows you to spread out its services among 10 different devices at a single time. All you need to do is log through your Ivacy VPN account on each of the devices separately. It can be mobile, laptop, smart TV, iPad, iPhone, in other words, any smart streaming gadget. Verify through the security code that indeed it is you who’s authorizing these logins. And that’s it, connect to your preferred world region and enjoy your favorite shows.

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Time to buy the amazing Ivacy VPN 5-year subscription plan at a single unbelievable price of USD 60 by simply clicking here!

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