Best Internet Service Providers in the US!

It is a simple yet tricky thing to find a suitable internet service provider in the USA. The availability of several service providers in any area makes the process more difficult as it becomes tricky to choose one provider out of all the available options. This is a hot topic because people face multiple issues as not all the available options have high-quality service in all the areas. The quality is compromised in certain areas and it turns in to a headache for working people. If your internet is creating issues, you can use SpeedCheck to test your internet speed.

Corona times have made the availability of the Internet more important as most of the people are working from home amid the corona pandemic. For meetings and other sorts of communication, high-quality internet is quite necessary. The ISPs mentioned in this article are widely available but their programs differ in various areas. This article is going to shed light on all the high-quality internet services available in the USA that you can avail of. 


Xfinity is offering its unmatched services in almost 41 states at present and there are high chances that it is also available in your area. When it comes to speed, it offers 15Mbps to 2Gbps. Prices are also affordable as the package starts at $39.99/month. The best part about Xfinity is that it offers different internet bundles to its consumers. If you are an Xfinity user, you can also become their mobile subscriber which comes as a bonus for its consumers. You can have limited and unlimited data plans. 

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AT&T Internet

Without a doubt, everyone knows about AT&T as it has been offering its services for a long time now. They have a large setup and many consumers are using their internet services. It offers the following 2 plans:

  • Internet 100 (offers 100Mbps)
  • Internet 1000 (offers 1 Gbps)

If you plan to choose any plan out of the two, the price starts at $49.99. the best part is that you can enjoy the faster speed with no additional costs. AT&T is proud to announce internet services to 15.7 million people at the moment. 

Charter Spectrum

If you do not want to get in the race of too many bundles and packages then the charter spectrum is for you. Charter spectrum provides only one internet plan which starts at $49.99/month. It uses Verizon towers and it does not come up with data caps. One gets 100Mbps at the start and you get a modem as well. To triple the speed, one has to pay $20/month. The charter spectrum is commended for providing anti-virus software as well. 

Frontier Communications

Frontier communications are quite popular in all rural areas of the USA and it covers several regions where other internet providers are not offering services. It provides its customers with DSL, cable, and internet connections. It has the following plans:

  • For 6Mbps, the price starts at $27.99
  • For 45Mbps, the price reaches up to $44.99

If you are working in a rural area, you can rely on Frontier Communications. Having said it, the quality of service varies in different areas. To maintain a great connection, make sure you are close to the area where the quality is good enough. Many users have come up with this issue and this is one of the major issues when it comes to using frontier communications. 

The aforementioned internet connections can be availed in almost every major region. Before choosing any plan, customers must assess the speed and usage capacity as this will help you in having the best plan for yourself. Many people these days are using the internet to work from home. Having a good-quality internet is essential these days and so is the plan that you choose for yourself. 

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