iPhone 13 Is The New Poster Child Of Apple

Check what exciting features are going to be rolled out in 2021 by Apple (Hint: Perfect Android Imitation)

Right after a few months of iPhone 12, Apple is all set to launch the three exciting variants of iPhone 13; the variants could be Mini, Pro, and ProMax. Privy has said that the iPhone, this time, is going to surpass the android by incorporating a 120Hz always-on display.

The iPhone 13 is expected to be rolled out by mid-September, as per tradition, iPhone releases new variants on the third Friday of every September. iPhone 12 remained an exception in 2020 thanks to the Covid-19 hit.

Ironically, triskaidekaphobia might compel Apple to change the moniker such as iPhone 12S, but for the sake of convenience, we would name, of late, the would-be launch iPhone 13.

Owing to not having a major technological break-through, iPhone 13 is expected to be sold on the same price tag as its 12 and 11 predecessors. Surprisingly, the price could be revised downward keeping in view the post-pandemic conditions.

A liberal guess tells the flat-sided design with shallow or zero notch – no change in size; while after killing the headphone jack, Apple could go for axing the charging port too, keeping the ground crystal clear.

On the camera side, 2.5x zoom is highly expected considering the past picturing jumps.

Although 5G is a far cry, iPhone 13 still is going to bring amazing features tempting the loyal customer base. Nonetheless, one suggestion would be to review iOS 15.

Anticipated Features:

  • 120 Hz always-on display
  • 5.4-inch (Mini), 6.1-inch (Pro), 6.7-inch (Pro Max)
  • Notchless design
  • Changed nomenclature
  • Google Pixel Camera
  • 2.5x zoom
  • f 2.4 night-mode
  • Lidar technology
  • 12 Hz refresh rate
  • Touch ID button
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